The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is a USA agency of the USA. Its main function is to oversee the nation’s civilian space program and research of aeronautics. NASA has introduced a new Space Launch System that has taken the agency’s astronauts into space more than ever.

The x-15 rocket plane was introduced in the year 1959 and was powered aircraft, which was part of the X-series of experimental aircraft. The plane was initiated with the Bell X-1, which was made primarily for USAF. The plane set speed and record since its inception and went to outer space and coming back with data that were very important in the aircraft and spacecraft designs. In cooperation with the US Navy and Air Force, more vehicles that are experimental were later introduced. The X-15 was used for development of techniques and equipment of value for all the missions of space. Jets were included, which changed the orientation of a spacecraft. The altitude record for X-15 was high reaching a maximum of 354200 feet (Jim 56).

One of the private company that has joined hands with NASA is Chicago based Boeing Co. the company. The company enables the ferrying of cargo and crew into low earth orbit possible. This was introduced after NASA officials introduced “the way we work with the private sector” program. Similarly, it would also be prudent if the responsibility of funding the project were shifted from the federal government to private companies. The benefits of the project to the economy of the US and the global economy is great than what is currently speculated. Some of the technological applications that are a result of NASA innovations have had huge sales impact in the US alone.


Jim concludes by saying that investing in this project, a lot could be realized in terms of job creation opportunities and a boost in federal taxes. Sidelining the activities of NASA especially the project constellation may not have implications of saving the economy but can result to some negative economical impact that would be realized later. Suffice to say that as much funding as can be spared should be re-routed to this cause. What good would it be to advance technology and security measures for a citizenry that continues to perish because they cannot afford to see doctors and other health care facilities (45).

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