Digital Content Subscription Revenue Model

The development of information technology has profoundly revolutionized how firms conduct their businesses. The web has become a vital resource, and an efficient distribution mechanism for firms to reach their customers. The Digital Content Subscription Model is a business model whereby companies sell subscription to access the information they own (Schneider, 2010). Besides, subscribers pay some fee, either periodically, daily, monthly or annually to access and receive information.

A company that implements the Digital Content Subscription Model increases it chances of generating revenue through its website. Schneider (2010) contends that, companies that keep on upgrading the contents of their website have the ability to generate higher returns. This is because customers will be compelled to pay an ongoing subscription fee. Besides, companies can also generate additional revenue from other services like offline printing.

Lexis is an online legal research tool which offers a wide variety of services including court cases, patent databases, laws and tax regulations. To access information in this site, laws firms subscribe to different types of services customized to suit their needs, sizes and usage patterns. In addition, the website offers credit card charges to those who do not want a subscription.

ProQuest is an academic website which uses the Digital Content Subscription Model. This website offers and sells digital versions of published documents. In order to access it s documents, many institutions of higher learning have subscribed to its ProQuest Ovid and EBSCO information services which contains digital versions of journals. ProQuest website also sells access to electronic journals and bibliographic databases to companies, schools and libraries.

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