A Personal Statement: Sound Advice on Writing

One thing has remained unchanged through the last decades – a personal statement is an integral part of your admission package. No one can undervalue the meaning of a personal statement since it provides you with an opportunity to present your skills, achievements, qualifications, and experiences. Furthermore, you can include in your application some numbers, namely GPA, test scores, etc., or letters of recommendation.

Frankly speaking, a personal statement is your way to present yourself as an exceptional personality and as an extraordinary character. Tell the admission committee the reason why you stand out from the crowd of people with the same test scores and same skills. Ruminate over the unique character traits or experiences that will make the admission officers say, “I want this person in my college!”

In most cases, you are asked to compile a personal statement on a specific theme. If you are puzzled while choosing, click on one of the links below this article and find some compelling sample themes. Still there is one thing you need to focus on – in your writing, put the emphasis on you. Describe some events that happened to you years ago and explain to the readers why and how they shaped you as a personality. You are presumed to say some words about your inner motivation and drive, as well as the reason for self-improvement.

What is more, the admission committee will try to assess your thinking abilities. Is your thinking process logical, original, and critical? Your attitude toward the world around you, its past and future, along with the personal reflections will greatly influence your success. In addition, make sure to highlight what affected your mindset.

One of the most common questions during a job interview is connected to your vision of yourself in the next five or ten years. The same here, the admission committee wants to explore you as a person and your plans for the future. What you need to do is to think of how the program you are applying for will influence your future career or life in general.

Last but not least, be honest. It is useless to write merely the words you think the admission officers would like to hear. Do not even dare to bluff and reveal your ideas and thoughts but not imaginative ones.

Hopefully, these tricks will come to your aid while compiling a personal statement.


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