Under the Dom

Imagine that you live in a small peaceful town and suddenly a mysterious dome appears around it and nobody can escape or enter the town. The dome is transparent but very solid so everyone can just helplessly stand and stare through it without any understanding of what to do. Panic and chaos rise in the town, but in order to survive, people have to unite.

Here are top reasons why Under the Dome is worth watching.

The Story Is Written by Stephen King

This is the main reason as just because of this fact alone, you will probably want to watch it. Most of King’s works have been successfully filmed. It is interesting to know that the author had kept the original story in his mind for about four decades and eventually released it as a novel in 2009 and was acclaimed by critics and readers.

The TV Series Is not Directed by Stephen King

King is an ingenious writer and concept creator, but he is not as good in directing. He dreamt of becoming a director and even managed to do this in the beginning of the 1980s, which resulted in Maximum Overdrive movie that unfortunately was not good at all. After that effort, King has not directed anything.

Luckily, the episodes are directed by Niels Arden Oplev, who is great at visualizing. That means the movie is in sophisticated hands.

The Cast Is Great

You can simply enjoy the cast as it includes Dean Norris from Breaking Bad and Britt Robertson from The Secret Circle. Both actors have already played in several great series, which the spectators totally loved, so we do not have to worry about the bad actors’ play.

It Is a Show for Suspense and Sci-fi Lovers

Under the Dome has a perfect balance between Suspense and Sci-fi. Besides, it has an exciting storyline and amazing visuals. Each episode will leave you with tons of questions and an interest to continue watching.

The Simpsons Did It

Although the screenwriters of these two series are different people, the spectators cannot leave without attention the fact that the plot ideas have many similarities. In both Under the Dome and The Simpsons Movie, strange domes cover the towns.

As people say, “great minds think alike” and this is one of such cases. In order to prove his originality, Stephen King published several excerpts from his manuscript, which he was working on in 1979.

It Is Not Just about the Dome

The major object of the story is a mysterious dome covering the town, but the series is not just about the dome. Under the Dome provides a glimpse of the way people behave when their life and well-being get confronted.

It seems that the reasons above are convincing enough to make you want to watch this amazing movie, so enjoy an exciting plot and great cast.


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