Short Essay

Guidance on how to Create Short Essays

Every type of writing has some basic regulations on how to write. Short essays are not an exception. The main parts of the short essay are the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The length of the first and last parts can be one paragraph long. The length of the main body depends on the theme of the essay. If it is difficult, there will be more paragraphs to reveal the content of the theme. If it is simple, one or two will be enough. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have an outline even despite the number of paragraphs presented in your work.


This part is especially significant because it defines the following way for writing. It is better when the theme of the short essay is controversial; then the discussion will be interesting. You should attract attention and hold it all the way through the end of the essay. The significance of a good introduction is important because it affects the comprehension of the theme, as well as gives a logical understanding of the construction of the essay and its content. Consider that you should not describe a lot of details as it can bother from the beginning. You can make the introduction more attractive if you add some citations that will give some information about the theme of the essay.

Main Body

The main body is the main part of the essay. It includes all facts, viewpoints, proofs, and opinions. All these things should be suitably and logically itemized so that everything is clear. If there are good citations, names or dates that are connected with the theme of the essay, include them in your work to support your viewpoints. All paragraphs of the essay should be connected and follow the set theme.

Paragraph Structure

For better understanding, you should split your arguments up and consider all of them in separate paragraphs. It helps you remain concentrated on your thoughts. Each of your arguments has to be simple and clear. There are some pieces of advice for you:

  • Describe the strongest theses on the beginning of the essay body.
  • Place all weak theses in descending order.
  • Discuss the weakest theses in the final part of the essay body.

Such planning of arguments will help in better understanding your viewpoint and urge the readers to take your position on this theme.


Make an understandable conclusion of all theses. Finish this discussion with the summary of the main points of the short essay. An understandable summary eases your readers’ perception of the whole work and help them in analyzing what they have learned from the essay.

These are the most useful tips every student has to know about. Learn and develop your skills.


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