Social Science

I discovered that Sociology is the branch of science that studies and analyzes the peculiarities of human society, its structure and the level of development. What is more, sociology study emphasizes the social environment in which certain people live. It also observes how social contexts influence the lives of people. The main purpose of this study is to get to know how people might be affected by groups as well as which impact society makes on people.

It is believed that in order to learn why people have this or that type of behavior, sociologists pay attention to their position in the society. Actually, the level of education, sex, age, income and job are very important aspects of the issue under consideration. In 1959, sociologist C. Wright Mills admitted that the perspective of sociology could give us an opportunity to comprehend that history and biography are closely connected. Concerning history, each type of society is surrounded by a great number of events. As a result, this is why each society possesses its individual characteristics, for instance, the ideas that relate to appropriate roles that men and women are supposed to play in the society. A biography describes specific experiences of an individual. The way how we think and our motivations mostly depend on what we experienced in the past. Our social behavior is not associated with the inherited instincts. Why do we differ one from another in the way we behave? The answer is that the societies which were the places for our upbringing determine what we should do or think. We have the society deep inside of us. Why do we consider hamburgers to be tasty? The society in which we are currently living states that they are quite healthy food to eat.

I learned that all Sciences may be divided into two groups. The first one refers to the natural study that means understanding, explaining and predicting certain events in a particular environment. According to the subject of the study, they are classified as Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. The second concerns Social Science, the main idea of which is to comprehend the social world through observations that should be repeated and controlled.

It was really interesting for me to discover that Sociology Science studies human relationships. For example, Psychology concentrates on what occurs inside the individual, especially on the processes that are connected with our brain and mind. Sociology has many similarities with other social sciences. It examines how people control each other and what do they do with the goods as well as services within a society. The main focus of sociologists is huge industrialized societies. Economics concentrates on the amount of the production and distribution of goods and services of a society. Anthropology is closely connected to Sociology because its main purpose is to get acquainted with culture, the way people live: weapon they use, how they communicate with each other, etc. Each society has its values, norms and sanctions. If a person behaves in accordance with some rules, he/she receives an award (money, hugs, prizes, etc). If norms are broken, a person might be punished. 




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