Three Health Topics to Attract Readers' Attention

Writing a health essay can be quite challenging because there’s a lot of research involved. If you don’t want your hard work to go in vain and your essay left unnoticed, you should come up with an issue that many people can relate to.

How the Internet and Gadgets Influence Our Health

In our modern society, we significantly depend on electronic technologies and the Internet. It’s hardly possible to imagine our everyday life without them. However, we know that basically everything on this planet has both positive and negative sides. So, people are deeply interested in finding out what negative effects those technologies can have on our mind and body. For example, some scientists believe that overuse of smartphones can cause anxiety. If you write an essay on this issue, people will be eager to read it.

Should We Avoid Sugar or not

It’s common knowledge that sugar influences our body in a multitude of negative ways: obesity, bad teeth, skin problems and so on. However, there are recent findings that prove that there’s more to this issue than that. Not just sugar decreases our physical wellbeing, but it also contributes to mental health problems. Some scientists believe that those who eat too much sugar are more likely to suffer from depression. This topic is also extremely relatable since there are so many people out there who are sweet tooths but still want to know what’s good and what’s harmful to their health.

Power of Meditation

Meditation as a way to improve your health is always in the public eye. It’s commonly accepted that meditation can help you reduce stress and take control over negative emotions. Moreover, some adepts of this method believe that meditation can help people cope with such serious conditions as depression and other mental disorders. Considering the fact that nowadays an increasing number of people suffer from psychological problems, many people would like to read an essay on this topic.

So, these are the topics for a health essay that many readers can relate to.



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