What Kind of Information Is Collected by Us?

In the business of custom term paper writing the general requests that we get from a client are: “write a custom university papers for me” or “complete this thesis for me”. Our five years of experience in the field of custom term paper writing has resulted in a great number of customers. If you want an experienced writer to complete your custom university papers online or if you want cheap custom term papers we invite you to join our cooperative team. You may feel free to place your order with us and we guarantee you that you will get high quality custom essay at cheap price rates. During the placement of an order or in the registration process you are required to submit some information with us. This information includes your name, phone number and email address but if you want to visit our site anonymously you can do that too.

The information that we collect is used in several ways:

  • It helps us to cater individual needs in a better way.
  • The information you give us and your feedback renders assistance in improving and developing our site.
  • It enables us to respond to customer service and support requests and demands in a more efficient manner.
  • We never sell or exchange the information provided to us, whether publicly or privately, with any other organization. The information provided to us is used for the delivery of completed custom essays or the ordered service.
  • You might have doubts about whether a proper writer is working on your orders or not? If you provide us with a genuine email address we send you periodic emails regarding the writing process. And through these emails we also respond to your queries and problems.

How Is Your Information Secured?

Your information is protected through various security measures.  We enable you to use a serve which is proved to be secure. All the information that you provide us, whether it is personal or related to credit terms, passes through the technology which is called Secure Socket Layer. After that, it is entered in our payment vehicle providers’ data-base program. Note that only vested officials are able to access the program.

When our transaction is completed that is after the delivery of your required product or service, your information (address, email, telephone number and credit card number) is deleted from our server.

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Are Cookies Used by Us?

Cookies can be defined as mini-files sent to your computer by different websites. It can be done through your web browser only if you permit it. These files enable the senders to recognize your web browser and to gather and retain certain information. We use cookies so that we can retain your preferences and can use them in your future visits.

Is Your Information Disclosed to Outside Parties?

We guarantee that your personal information is not disclosed to any outside parties. However, these parties do not include the trustworthy websites which help us to do our business. In addition to that, your information is also disclosed if it is necessary to protect our and other’s rights, to implement our policies or to comply with the law.

Are We in Compliance with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act?

We comply with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act as we never take orders from children under 13. As it is quite clear that children under 13 would not place orders like “write my custom paper, or complete my assignment or do this dissertation for me.” All the services provided by us are for people older than 13.

This online policy is applicable to the information collected online by our web site and not the one which is collected offline. If any changes are made in the policy you are notified through the website about them.

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