The world that we live in is swiftly transforming from being a vast region to becoming a small global village; in that there is easy and fast flow of information and communication from one point to the other within the shortest time possible. This is a positive indicator that shows that there is development that is being encountered in the world that we live in today. It is also seen as positive indicator of the development thanks to the internet and it’s by products such as Google and windows which has facilitated the easy flow and source of information at different locations in the world. This paper highlights on the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas G. Carr, and using the article as a tool of verifying the truth if Google has really resulted to making us stupid or not?

After conducting different researches in the respective field of internet, I tend to disagree with the writer in this article “is Google making us stupid”. From the research it is plain to see how Google has made life for us easy to the extent of expanding our minds; at the same it has improved the lifestyle that we are living in today. This is as a result of a broad and a fast exchange of data from one individual to the other; this ensures that the lifestyle of individuals transforms for the better. For this reason, the individuals become more aware of the some aspects that will ensure that they are in a position of improving their lifestyles and ideas; this has been driven by the ease of flow of information since; much information and news is at the finger tips thanks to Google (Anonymous, par 3). The article try to explain this and try to give the give the readers some reasons that make Google an important aspect in our lives; thus it doesn’t make us to become stupid but makes us more and more wiser.

The paper will first identify some of the reasons that have resulted /pushed the writer of the article to stating that the Google is making us more stupid and from the arguments that the author has mentioned in the article it will be easy for us to identify these aspects. The second part of the paper identifies the importance of Google and how it has helped to transform the livelihood of the individuals who frequently use it; it will also provide some guidelines that will help in making Google a very important element in reader’s lives thus ensuring that the users get some benefits from the Google services.

In conclusion it will compare the reasons that are aired by the writer in the article and compare them with what has been written by other writers on the Importance of Google on the readers and how it has improved the intellectual capacity of the people using it.

The First study

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas G. Carr

The importance of the Nicholas paper is to provide the reader with the knowledge about the Google and at the same time ensure that the reader is drained into believing that the introduction of Google has resulted to making the individuals become stupid. It points out that using it makes more stupid as compared to the past when the individuals were subjected to a lot of reading as the only source of getting information (Carr, par 3). The article also reflects on the history that showed how the introduction of new inventions resulted to derailing the minds of individuals that were apparently fresh to a less useful piece. People have now resulted to basically relying on the information that is on Google and written and thus resulting to the span of an individual to drastically reduces.

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The author used a sample in helping him support his idea that Google is making us to become stupid; in the article the different blogs and internet articles from different writers have been identified. This tricks the reader to believe that Google is bad and affects the normal thinking of the while undertaking the studies on the internet. The articled highlights on the different ways how Google makes us stupid; for instance, he gives the experience of Bruce Friedman, who is a frequent Blogger. This is when he talks about the use of computers in medicine, in the article Freidman highlights on how the internet has altered the way in which he conducts his research on the internet. He continues to elaborate that, from the conversation that he had with the author that he doesn’t go through the whole articles. For this reason Freidman doesn’t have to read the whole article but only goes through the first paragraphs and from the different readings the individual will be in a position of getting a clue of what is being addressed in the given topic (Carr, par 5).

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Another article by Maryanne Wolf in her article “Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain” is when she boldly indicates that we are how we read. The author uses this notion to give a clear indication that the internet is the main cause that has affected the way we read; this is when the writer indicated that the internet has resulted to the reading concentration and deep thinking. Consequently, this has resulted the readers to just skimming through the paper as the reader will loose his/ her concentration and deep reading. This according to the author reduces the levels of deep reading as a result of lack of concentration thus making the individuals to absorb little from the internet articles (Carr, par 3). 

Second study

“The Importance of Google PageRank: A Guide for Small Business Executives” by Dharmesh Shah

The article has stated that Google is well known as the best search engine in the world; this is because it provides the internet users with the most effective information that will ensure all the reader from different locations of the world to access information. This makes it easy for the readers to be more versed with the things that happen around the world (Shah, par 1).

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Google has also broadened the minds of the readers as opposed to the article by Nicholas article known as “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” This is when Google is seen as the most important search engine that provide its readers with the adequate information that will ensure that the reader is free to access different sites. At the same time without the need of the individual to go through the books physically in the library or any other source.

The article has also stated that Google has resulted to an improved IQ of an individual this is because it has provided the reader with different articles inform of advertisement, journals, books and educational articles that the reader will use to compare the different ideas of the authors. This makes the individual have varied information that will ensure that they will use to verify their knowledge and in the process help them expand their minds (Shah, par 2).

General summary

According from the two different articles I have studied above it is clear to indicate that Google is playing a very important role in our lives and as time goes by different inventions that are being discovered. It is noted that these inventions are aimed at ensuring that Google is the most efficient service provider that is easy and user friendly to use (Shah, par 4). The search engines of Google are well placed in order to ensure that the users can easily access any kind of information from different sites. At the same time, this will eventually make an individual to be more enlightened as a result of having access to different and much information that they will compare and contrast thus ensuring that the individual is more brilliant.

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