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National Health Service

If you are appointed the director of the NHS, what would you do to get the project back on track? Defend your answer with a rationale.

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The National Health Service (NHS) is a healthcare system based in Britain with an operating capacity of 60 million people and 1 million workers who are charged with the responsibility to create a sustainable and efficient management of healthcare plans and services. NHS is facing a critical challenge in the management of customer information. Before 2002 the NHS was a paper-based corporate; in 2002 the government enacted a bill that supported the progressive digitalization and compilation of healthcare information so as to create a singular central and coherent medical and healthcare record for every individual. The most pressing issue for a NHS director is to set up a sound working mechanism that can see through the successful implementation of the Spine Database and the Choose and Book system that would streamline United Kingdom healthcare information at a click.   

There is a need to evaluate the N3 infrastructure so that the healthcare plans can have a smooth broadband platform. Doctors and nurses have complained that the system developed can only serve about 38% of its intended clinical work, the reason being that the software vendors never consulted the clinical sections. Therefore, to get the job done, evaluation of the software developed and incorporated into the Spine database and Choose and Book in order to redevelop the systems in a manner that clinical work can be complimented. The direction of NHS should be geared towards a new digital era that is likely to save billions of pounds if the system prescriptions and expenditures are harmonized across U.K. Besides saving patients time and money, the NPIT project should be back on track by government funds and private developers should be called upon to research on the present system with recommendations that can be effected to avoid a waste of the already spent resources.

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Is the NPIT project too big for anyone to attempt? Why or why not?

The United Kingdom government created the National Program for Information Technology (NPIT) to come up with modalities to compile England, Northern Ireland and Wales together in order to produce a single health care record that could be accessible to anyone for who wanted to inquire into health and treatment history. The enormous size of the U.K. healthcare system that supports over 52 million citizens, 325 million primary care consultation companies, 13 million outpatient consultations, 617 million prescriptions and 4 million emergency admissions create a systematic difficult in creating an information system that can maintain a consistent connecting portal  to handle about 100,000 doctors, 380,000 nurses and 50,000 healthcare professionals. The capacity of the electronic system to support multiply millions of users to retrieve information synonymously and without delay hitches is in question. Further, contracts were awarded to various software companies whose assorted designs of information systems differ such that the complete compilation of the electronic records is to be delayed by possible systems incompatibility.

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The first fundamental the NPIT needs to develop easily accessible National Spine database where patients and their individual healthcare providers can share information, order prescriptions and support patient-doctor decision making process. Another case is the development of Choose and Book electronic database that allows patients to book their appointments with time, date and place options. Lastly, the NPIT is to develop the N3 national yet private broadband network to provide connectivity infrastructure that can allow patients and customers to access and use electronic information through Spine, Choose and Book systems. In conclusion, the implementation of NPIT project is too big for a single company to handle since it needs the soft skills from across the preventive, curative and emergence sections of the National Health, patients, providers and medical practitioners to be intertwined with information technology systems in order to create accessible database that can be managed at a minimum cost even if it may cost more to get the project started and completed.  

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