Weapons, Personal Protection Equipment and Use of Force

In the contemporary world, the insecurity cases have been perceived to be peculiar and this has been facilitated by the laxity on the side of the security personnel. The human rights activists are propagating that the innocent civilians should be protected from the armed thugs without prior focus on the endangered life of those protecting them. It is; therefore, clear that when protecting an individual from other individuals who want to harm or kidnap them, the prevalence should be on the personal security first. In the current world characterized by popularity of political figures and movie stars, it has deemed to be of importance for them to recruit individuals or protective agents. For the agent to perfectly perform the chores he/she is bestowed with, he or she must ensure that his personal life is safe so that one can be able to protect the life of his or her client. The use of the weapons and personal protective equipment has been perceived to have become more popular in the current years (Lewer, 2002). Personal protection agents, who are given the responsibility to protect their clients against any form of attack, should be use personal protection equipment, weapons and use of force so that they can guarantee their protection and that of the client.

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When an individual is protecting his or her client from a considerable external attack, the use of weapons may come in handy. There are various kinds of weapons that may be available for use by the client; ranges from lethal to Non-lethal weapons. Non-lethal weapons include stun guns, bean bag guns, teasers, rubber bullets and pepper spray. The weapons are majorly designed to slow the attacker’s momentum and ensure that the agent can easily take control of the situation with ease. They are also designed to enhance the resolution of dangerous situation without imposing long term injury to the attacker.  As such, when non-lethal weapons are put into practice, the agent can easily de-escalate a dangerous situation which would have otherwise required greater force to subdue it (Lewer, 2002).

In accordance, not all of the situations arrived at may be subdued by non-lethal weapons. In the case of a situation where the attacker exchanges fire with an ill-motive of killing the client, the protecting agent should resolve to use lethal weapons lethal weapons, such as gun, will cause fatal injury or death to the attacker. The agent is required to undergo a massive training to be educated on the circumstances that may necessitate the use of a lethal weapon. As such, he or she will be required to provide a permit that allows the usage of lethal weapon or gun. Generally, the use of weapon for self defense has been accepted by various countries only in the case where an individual can substantiate the condition in which his or her agent was before the action was undertaken.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) involves the use of helmets, protective clothing, goggles or any other garments that may prevent an individual from being injured by electrical hazards, blunt impacts, infections, chemicals, and heat. In the context of biological prevention, the use of protective equipment incorporates masks that are worn by the medical practitioners especially in the course of surgery not only to avoid exposure to infection by the patient but also prevent him or her from infecting the patient (Roberts-Phelps, 2001). In addition, the common phenomenon of wearing clothes has been perceived to be social implications but its advantages are numerous. Among which is that it cushions an individual from the adversity of the surrounding weather conditions.  Contrary to this, it is provides an individual with hygienic barrier where it prevents an individual from coming into direct contact with toxins available in the environment. Therefore, individuals should aspire to have protective equipment in an attempt to defend themselves and their family from contagious diseases and injures that they may be subjected to.

Use of force

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Use of force is often characterized in the police jurisdiction and in the case where an officer in the law enforcement sector arrest an individual or the officer is under a scenario where he arrests a suspect forcefully, a degree of force has been used. Human Rights activists are usually against the way the law enforcement officers mishandle the citizens of a particular country. In reality, the officers intention is to prevent the suspect form counter-reacting which will cause him or her harm. Indeed the use of force is dependent on the nature of the situation in which the law enforcer is in. For instance, he or she is entitled to decide the level of force that one may feel adequate to control the situation in hand. Generally, no legal determination of extent of force that the law enforcer has used can be relied upon. In the case of personal and family protection, an individual is allowed to coerce the attacker so that he may not be bale to reiterate but to easily give in to the authority.

In conclusion, personal protection is of importance when safeguarding the political figure or the musician from attackers. One cannot vehemently decide to be injured with an intention of protecting his or her client. The client should be able to provide his or her agent with the relevant protective garments and equipments so that one can be confident that he or she is also being protected by the protective agents. 

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