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There is a long relationship that exists between Mirrors, Gold, Women and Diamonds. Since the ancient days women have developed a long-lasting relationship with Mirrors and Diamonds (Chadwick, 1998).

The relationship between Women and Mirrors compares to the relationship between Women and Diamonds, diamonds are close friend of women because of its beauty, value and strength. While the Mirror is seen as the most important item that each woman has to poses in order to maintain her stunning beauty that seems to be changing every day, these different pieces    represent the changes that women go through as the women beauty seems to transform daily as these pieces (Krawitz, 1990).

The lasting relationship between the mirror, diamond and women is expressed in this pieces that I have presented for and it is positive to note that these pieces will elaborate the closeness between these three different classes, Therefore the close relation between the diamond, mirror and women is outstanding as these pieces demonstrate the women’s beauty this is helping them improve their self esteem and also portray there physical beauty (Chadwick, 1998).



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