Role of Registered Nurse

“There is an intimacy nurses and patients share which is understood. The essence of nursing is an unconditional love for mankind. To be called a nurse is an honor - a profession of the highest realm” (Donelan: 2004).

“If only attention and care were enough, any person could be a nurse” - such words were written in the university’s advertisement published in 1990 about the recruitment on the medical nursing department. Medical nursing care has been presented as the intellectual trade based on the scientific approach, instead of a trade based on mercy. It seems like our society ceased to appreciate mercy and care.

Nursing care is a science about provision of some elementary medical and preventive actions, for example, injections, medical tests, pulse control, and care for the patients. Such a name is caused by the fact that nurses fulfill the above-mentioned procedures in hospitals or diagnostic centers. Often the staff nurse has to search for the data about illnesses in multivolume textbooks of medical practice. National League for Nursing (2010) stated the following:

Nurses throughout the world are called to work in a health care environment that is undergoing reform as never before imagined. Patient needs have become more complicated; nurses must implement requisite competencies in leadership, health policy, system improvement, research, evidence-based practice, and teamwork and collaboration in order to deliver high-quality care. Nurses are called upon to broaden their scope of practice and to master technological tools and information management systems while coordinating care across teams of health professionals. As nursing education is charged with the responsibility to prepare nurses to enter a workforce that is complex, uncertain, and constantly evolving, the National League for Nursing recognizes that a critical goal for the future is to endorse academic progression options for all nurses.

Nursing is the social and labor process directed at medical competent revealing of the patient’s problems, connected with the qualified help and social maintenance of the general state of health. Certainly, the ultimate goal of the nurse is to help the patient. At the same time the nurse is the main executor of this process. The nurse is the feet of the legless, eyes of the blind, a source of knowledge and confidence for young mother, lips of those who are too weak or immersed to speak. These words express the mission, special calling of the nurse.

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The basic training on a nursing trade is at the university level in the United States. A professional registered nurse (R.N.) should have a bachelor’s degree assigned after graduation from medical school and correspond to the state’s requirements on licences issue necessary for practice. Each state has its own criteria and rules of licences issue; however, each state has the same licence examination known as NCLEX-RN, which is necessary to be successfully passed in order to obtain the licence.

The majority of states demand the nurses obtaining education outside of the United States to receive certification from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) before passing NCLEX-RN. Some postdegree programs demand license issue or CGFNS certification depending on the level of the contact with patients and state’s laws where this program is conducted.

The reception of CGFNS certification includes a check of certificates and examination itself. A nurse can be registered for CGFNS examination if CGFNS defines that she:

- is registered as the nurse of the first level of the general profile in the country where she obtained education;

- passed a course in the senior high school separately from medical nursing education;

- graduated from the general medical school recognized as a government’s training, which lasts for at least two years;

- passed theoretical training and clinical practice as a medical, surgical, obstetric, children’s, and psychiatric nurse.

There are a lot of causes due to which the profession of a nurse is not as popular as it was in the times of Florence Nightingale. They include bad work conditions, poor possibilities for research and self education, unjustified reproaches when sick, poor nursing allowance. The cases of infection occur because of lack of time of nurses to make bandages properly. Besides, the work is rather stressful and this fact drives out the nurses of the profession.

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All the above-mentioned factors show that the profession of nurse is the most unprotected. For instance, when a health care establishment needs to cut costs, the first who fall into this category are nurses. More often it happens that neither physicians nor patients know what the functional duties of nurses are. The problem of poor relations with physicians, including a lack of physicians’ respect and physicians’ disruptive behavior is also vital and lowers the status of nurses. Not being aware of a hard work fulfilled by nurses, patients, as well as their families, show disrespect to them; sometimes cases of attacks happen.

A great amount of research conducted all over the world shows that there is a real problem intrinsic to the majority of countries; this is the problem of lack of skilled and educated nurses. This fact leads to more significant indicators: the death rates rise and the rates of patients, who could be treated better, increase.

The number of nurses in the USA has decreased, lacking 275 000 nurses throughout the country. This problem leads to the unfavorable results affecting the health of population. A lot of medication errors are made because of nursing shortage, as doctors cannot cope with a huge amount of assistant work except their primary functions.

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Nurses should raise the quality of medical aid. It includes not only maintenance of clinical competence, but also a joint activity with all the participants of the process for increase of the safety level of patient, decrease of the number of medical errors, and optimization of the results of treatment.

Nursing professionalism requires unified and adequate standards of medical assistance. All medical workers should contribute to the growth of medical health care accessibility. In any social system medical workers should not discriminate people on the basis of intelligence, financial level, social status, gender, or race. Pandey (2010) set out:

Generally, professionalism in nursing encompasses a wide range of thoughts and ideas, which in their very inception, are meant to take the profession of nursing to a phenomenal level and establish the brand identity of nursing profession.

The profession of nurse is very hard but awarding at the same time. Of course, the award has nothing to do with financial remuneration. Spiritual award is the best praise for a professional nurse.

To become a professional nurse means to understand all the obligations that are put into her and to foresee all the possibilities of self-realization, which this profession suggests. Nurses can advance their profession by participating in public activities related to health care, or by serving in different medical committees and initiatives.

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