Mechanisms which Support Continues Involvement in Health Care

A key problem of each system of public health services is finding the balance between the availability of medical aid to the population and the price which should be paid for it. Proceeding from this precondition, it is hardly possible to call the American system of public health services a good example for imitation. A key to any successful reform is to make a consumer pay for the services he/she receives.

According to William A. Sollecito and Julie K. Johnson, there are the following mechanisms of health care involvement: quality improvement, quality and safety, implementation and application. Quality improvement is the most important mechanism for the present care environment.

In the system of improvement of quality of health services, a considerable role is played by the organizations aimed at the protection of the patient’s rights, which are urged to consider complaints, to work with the Ministry of Health as well as local authorities, and to help patients in the cases of violation of their rights.

“Improvement can also be addressed at the organization level. For example, a common role in all health care clinics is to emphasize proper hand-washing behavior to control the spread of infections. Thus, health care is similar to other non-commercial settings that can be described as having standards that are based on behaviors that can be influenced by social marketing techniques” (Sollecito & Johnson 229).

It is possible to assume that the combination of strong mechanisms of state regulation and market elements of public health care management (paid services, voluntary and obligatory medical insurance), increase of medical workers’ wages, firmness of treaty obligations that the economy of means is not withdrawn but is present in the development of public health care services and financial stimulation of medical workers will promote a substantial improvement of moral atmosphere in public health care establishments as well as enhance the quality of medical aid to population. It is necessary to adjust the monitoring system of resources of public health care services and its efficiency on indicators of public health, to implement the system of obligatory medical insurance, and to expand taxes and penalties for the kinds of activities that have harmful impact on health.

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