Another Health Problem

To my mind, there are three key ideas in Power Point slides. The first one states that a lot of people suffer from cardiovascular disease. This illness may even cause death and this composes more than thirty per cent of all deaths. In fact, this disease is a leading cause for human death. There are a lot of different types of CVD and at least one American from three has some variety of this disease. This information encouraged me to pay more attention to my health and learn more about CVD in order to prevent this illness. I even made a decision to be examined by a doctor and learn the best way to protect myself. The first idea helped me to look at the problem concerning CVD realistically. Therefore, I understood that my health is in my own hands and it is only up to me to change it for the better. The information from the slide motivated me to look for more sources on the topic and read them carefully.

The second idea is connected with another health problem. It is diabetes that also affects a lot of Americans. There is information in the slide that diabetes occurs to almost seventy per cent of people in their middle age. It means that there is practically no guarantee that one will not suffer from this illness. People even may die because of diabetes. As a rule, this disease is characterized by much sugar present in one’s blood. In this case the body is not able to apply insulin in a proper way. In fact diabetes is the cause of the following processes taking place in human organism. They are: 1) the regulation of blood glucose level, 2) body cells take in and apply energy found in glucose, 3) glucose accumulates in blood and this becomes the reason of high blood sugar level, 4) there is lack energy in body cells, 5) the last process that occurs is that blood vessels and nerves are damaged. There are two types of diabetes. They are as the following: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. The second idea helped me to understand how diabetes starts in human body. Moreover, I learnt that this illness also may cause people’s death. That is why it is necessary to pay more attention to my weight and physical activity because they are necessary to prevent diabetes. Therefore, learning more about this disease motivated me to change my regime. I believe that it is better to do these changes now to prevent problems because of diabetes in the future.

The third idea I consider to be one of the most important ones is the enumeration of the symptoms of diabetes. They are: fatigue, thirst, weight loss, blurred vision, nerve damage, poor wound healing and increased infections. It turns out that diabetes is a serious disease that causes different serious complications. They are: diabetic ketoacidosis, tooth and gum disease, flu and pneumonia-related deaths, amputations, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, eye disease and blindness. When I saw the enumeration of all these complications I started analysing if I have any of the symptoms of diabetes. I could never think that such disease may cause death or amputations; I thought that it is not serious. Actually, the information presented in the slides opened my eyes. Especially it concerns the third idea. I have never thought that fatigue may be the symptom of diabetes. Therefore, I learnt a lot of useful information about diabetes and understood that lack of knowledge in this sphere may cost one’s death. I decided to read more literature on the topic and take care of my own health. I drew a conclusion that no diseases appear at once, the process starts at some time and lasts several years and a person does not even guess that there are already diabetes or cardiovascular disease in his/her body.

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