Financial Aid Appeal

I have had a very trying semester whereby the problems I experience at home have taken a huge toll in my studies. However, the financial aid I get has been a beacon of hope for meet allowing me to meet my financial obligation. I believe, there comes a time where the child must parent the parent. Two weeks before the incident leading to my arrest, my father attacked my mother. He threw drinks on her; he kicked her in her shins, and ultimately hit her in the temple with a cordless house phone. The argument died down from there, but the name calling and “runs” my father took at mother continued. This made me very angry with my father. However, my mother was fortunate to have my boyfriend there and my bother to regulate my father, but you will soon see what he will do when there are no men around.

In November 17th, I was sitting in the room I rent with my four year old when my father came home.  I could hear him screaming at my mother, but rather than get involved, and to protect my son, I closed my door. Soon after my mother comes in, I know she needs to talk, so I offer her a chair and we begin to chat, in code so my son won’t understand. Some minutes later my father entered the room. One thing led to another and within no time my father begun chasing my mother around the bed. He pinned her down with a baseball bat and with one hand proceeded to beat her. I chased him grabbed him by the back of the ears dug my nails in deep and pulled him up and off my mother as I dialed 911.

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The police soon arrived and my mother and I explained what had transpired, but because I unlawfully put my hands on my father, even to stop a savage beating, I was arrested and so was my father. I had never been in a fight before, let alone arrested. We were ordered not to have contact with each other until our court appearance but I had nowhere to but back to the family home. Upon my father’s arrival home he wanted to know what I was doing there I asked if we could just not fight I had nowhere to go and the option of going back to jail terrified me. I figured for me and my son I would make nice.

During the same time frame we learned that my son had a birth mole. It should have been recognized earlier and removed. It was a sizable mole on his knee the dermatologist would not remove the mole due to his young age. I would have to find a plastic surgeon. It was determined by Dr. Habal the surgery to remove the mole would be done in two stages. The recovery time was seven weeks per surgery, my sons second surgery was early December 2011.  In December he was removed from the VPK roster due to his excessive absences. This was quite a problem. I took online classes to be there for his recovery but fully expected him to return to school upon being released, so I could concentrate on my studies. Although the surgery was a success, he will have to see a dermatologist twice a year for the rest of his life.

Our court date January 19th 2012 was. Neither one of us had previous records (my father had had his expunged) we qualified for anger management classes and were put on a probationary status. I chose to go through with the deal made with the court, my father obscenely decided he wanted to go to trial. I suffer from bi-polar disorder; ADHD, excessive anxiety, and insomnia (see doctors’ notes.) My brother is a full-blown drug addict. It was my father’s intention at his trial to tell them the judge I am crazy and my brother is a junkie and that is why he behaved the way he did in November. In doing this, there was a possibility that the court would decide it was unfit for me to live with my son.

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This was the most trying time of the whole semester. I could not bear the thought of my son being taken away from me. The thought of losing my son made me spiral into a state of depression Eating and sleeping became a luxury to me. It was as if my life was coming to an end. However, I pulled myself together and got through it. On February 1st 2012 I was to be mentally evaluated by court psychiatrist. Upon that meeting I learned that I would have to attend anger management classes weekly and see a probation officer monthly. After doing this, I could get my record expunged. I successfully finished my punishment. 

In early April, I began having trouble with my mother. It begun when she asked me to delete her aol email account, which I went to do for her. While checking to make sure there was nothing of importance I was deleting I checked her emails and to my horror she is telling family members my father and I made sure she left with no checkbook or bank card. This I know my father did indeed take back these objects but I was no way involved or even present during the exchange. My mother went on to twist a story about how my father and I were going to have my brother locked up in a rehab center, she made the truth sound horrible we all agreed, my mother included, to petition the court for mandatory rehabilitation. After the initial visit to the court house I was no longer involved in the petition.  It was rehab or a funeral for my brother he has had a long drug history. I had not seen these e mails until my mother returned home in March. They are pretty devastating. My family in Europe and my sisters had now developed a bad picture of the person I had turned out to be.

After my mother left I was the only woman left in the home with a recovering son and school work to do. I was told I was also to keep the house in order. I replied I had enough on my plate everyone one should be responsible for their own messes. This did not go over well. It is no secret I suffer from several mental illnesses and my son’s father and my father used this against me. They told me they were going to have me baker acted and already had a family to adopt my son.  This treatment went on for weeks at times I had to chase after either of them to stop them from calling the police to come get me. I tried to contact a community outreach program recommended by “the springs,” a local women’s shelter who would not take me in because I was not in any physical danger. The emotional was enough. I was referred to an outreach center which never returned my calls. I was in a dilemma.

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In March, my computer hard drive, lcd screen and mother board crashed. I have hardware warranty but parts had to be shipped and a technician had to be dispatched. Which someone forgot to dispatch, or did not do their job correctly. Dell only replaced my lcd screen and motherboard, my hard drive I had upgraded and was still under manufacturer warranty I had to send them my hard drive and then they would ship me a new one. This was all a timely process and most of my classes were online. Also included are my student disability documents as well as a recommendation a previous professor was kind enough to write for me in February, as I was trying to get a scholarship. I would therefore appeal that I continue receiving the financial Aid in order for me to continue with my studies.

With the assault charges from the situation with my father, the health issues of my child, the false accusations from my mother, the trouble with my computer not to mention my own health issues, I still have been able to maintain a good academic record in school. I believe no matter how much troubles come my way my education is priority and therefore I will work tirelessly to ensure I excel academically. I therefore appeal to you to grant me financial aid.

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