The Slavery in America

Slavery in America is known to have first begun in Virginia in 1619; African slaves were taken to Jamestown to aid in production of lucrative crops. It is after this that slavery spread throughout the North American colony, and later to other colonies. Most European nations moved to America to increase their wealth and broaden their influences over world affairs. By 1650, the Spanish and English had established their dominance in the Atlantic coast. Europeans moved to America for different reasons; some were seeking religious freedom, others economic stability, and broadening their influences. Apart from this, they also had a passion for self governance, and that led to the idea of splitting of the different cultural groups. With this, they developed different social structure all over United States and had different leaders.

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Slavery was practiced throughout American colonies, having been started at Virginia as the first colony which was founded in 1607. The idea of enslaving Native Americans was brought about the need to build the nation, and as a result, created free labor provision. By this, European settlers took advantage of this and begun sourcing labor from Africa and India. Additionally, the invention of the cotton gin, and tobacco in the 18th century strengthened the idea of getting more slaves, as it would impact the southern economy. As a result, slave trade grew tremendously, and by 1770, the Great Britain had enslaved over 2 million people in the 13 American colonies.

However, the expansion of the abolition provoked the American civil war in 1861-1865. This was accompanied by the rise of liberty and equality in America, which led to the release of over 4 million slaves. The declaration of independence affirmed human rights and the pursuit of liberty and happiness. This gave way for democracy and American colonists resolved the political bonds that attached them to the Great Britain.

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