India's Independence

Response 1

British had several roles in developing a new perception of India. When British rule ended, the Indians adopted the British legal and justice system. As a result, this helped to ensure that the legal system in this country was efficient. Furthermore, they helped to end the Muslim rule in India since they assisted the Hindus to retain power. British also helped in setting a good civil service in this country, setting up an efficient export and import system. Moreover, they created good road and railway network that helped in facilitating trade and provided military training for the army in this country (Goff et al., 2007). British also introduced education system in India by building colleges and universities. It should be noticed that today this legacy is a defining factor in India since the Indians still follow the British education system. India has also improved its trade activities by concentrating on foreign exports and imports. Other West countries supported Indians struggle for independence as they felt that this country needed to be free from Muslims and British. Public opinion was important since it encouraged the Hindus to fight for their rights and seek freedom.

Response 2

There was an age-old religious struggle over the control  of India between the Hindus and Muslims. The struggle led to the death of many Hindus since the Muslims were the ones in control before 1947. However, after 1947, the struggle ended since India was split into two parts and the Muslims formed a new country known as Pakistan. Mohandas Ghandi had several influences on India’s independence. He used non-violent techniques to oppose unfairness towards the Indians. Furthermore, he helped to fight for the voting rights of Indians. Ghandi led the salt march to oppose the British government salt tax (Malaspina, 2000). He was also the leader of Indian National Congress that helped in fighting for the rights of the Indians. The religious animosity affected India’s independence since the Hindus and Muslims were always in conflict. Thus, they could not agree on a common way that they could use in order to fight for their independence. Nowadays, India faces the challenge of terrorist attacks that are mainly linked with Pakistan. Furthermore, India has a high population and thus its government cannot provide adequate resources to support all the people. In addition, the poverty level in this country is very high.

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