John. F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

John .F. Kennedy was giving his first speech to the public when he became the American president in Washington D.C. It was a celebration of freedom and the beginning of new life for the citizens of America. He was addressing the citizens and told them that they should participate in public services. He said that, they should not just sit there and wait for the country to do good things for them instead; they ought to do good things to their nation with the help of the father in heaven. He told them if they remained united, they would do a lot for their country and if they be divided they will do very little for their country. He told them that they would work together in order to fight poverty, diseases, and other calamities which were striking, their country. He assured them that they would not suffer any more because it was the beginning of another life. He then preached peace with other nations and told them that they should try, and put their differences aside and work together so that they can benefit from each other (Hossell, 2005).

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John .F. Kennedy was telling them that the world is extremely, unlike, the old days. He said man is able to put an end to all forms of paucity and other forms of human life. However, all that is achieved by the help of God. The state can favor anyone. He not care whether other nations wished them good or evil, they will bear the hardships and burdens and make sure that they be successful and have the freedom of living. He said they would retain the relation they had with their good friends whom they shared their background and foundation. This is because “united they stand and divided they fall. He told them that they should not be divided because they will do very little and if they remained together they will do so many constructive things. He told the new states that, they are welcomed to the level of freedom and hoped that they will powerfully fight for their liberty (Hossell, 2005).

He said that, he would make an attempt to assist the citizens in the countryside and isolated areas to fight with poverty. He said to the neighboring states that they would translate their fine terms to excellent actions to help the Free states to fight and radiate poverty out of their states. Finally, he said to his rivals that they should keep their differences aside at begin afresh. He said that they should come together and explore the world.  They should think positively and fight the poverty, hunger and eliminate diseases and encourage citizens to engage themselves in businesses and arts. This speech which was given, to the public by John .F. Kennedy was very clear to all the citizens who heard or read it. The ideas which the president, was giving were very reasonable, and if the citizen heard them well and then did what he told them to do, they could achieve so many good things. Example the economy of their country would go up. This is because the state will have fought against poverty; the people will have engaged themselves in businesses, so not many people will be lacking employment (Raatma, 2002).       

The country will be at peace with its neighbors and other countries. The countries being will lead to good standards of living to all citizens because their economy will be high. The people will help the country because they will not have so many people who are poor to look after them. He said that they could help the other states to have their freedom, and I believe in that it could help them have liberty (Raatma, 2002).        

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There are some instances where the word choice or sentence structure was especially effective. Example when he said to the old friends that, they are preaching that they will remain loyal to them, and they will stay united. If they would be divided, the state would still suffer from poverty and other things like diseases. There might be some organization that have their businesses or partners in those neighboring friends This would be a loss to the state and some organization that do trade with if they are not at peace with them. This was a relevant point where the results would be beneficial to the country. There is another instance in his speech that was effective when he said that, the people who are living in villages and huts in the rural areas struggling to fight poverty and misery. He says that they will do all their best in order to help them (Hossell, 2005).

Kennedy in some instances the sentence structure he used were more of poetic than a speech. For example, when he said, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”(Hossell, 2005)  He told his fellow citizens not only to rely on what the rule might do for them but also see what they can perform for management in order to keep their country moving economy wise and be high. In his speech, Kennedy said that they will not only want to see the new states supporting them, but he also wants them to fight to for their freedom. In this sentence, his words reassured them that they would not suffer again because it was the beginning of another life. Choice was not that good. He would have said they will help them to attain their freedom.

When Kennedy finally told his citizens to just sit down and wait the America to do good things for them, but they should also do well to it by participating in public services. He ensured them, he was going to make sure that whether the other nations desire them well or not, they shall shell out any cost. They then will put up with any trouble, convene any adversity, hold up any buddy, be against any enemy so that they will fight for the accomplishment of freedom and continued existence. He then concluded that citizens from all over the world should also ask for sacrifices from them. He said they should look for help from God and know that here on earth His work must accurately be done by us (Hossell, 2005).

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A fallacy is basically an error in common sense, where the disagreement given does not counterpart with the proof as put out. There is evidence of reasoning fallacies when Kennedy in his speech says that, he is preaching peace with other nations so that they can live peacefully and work together so that they can all benefit from each other.  On the other hand, he said that, they are ordered again not to put up with weapons although they have them. They will fight against the common enemies of man. Examples of the common enemies are oppression, diseases, hunger and the battle itself. Here, he is talking even about the war they will fight back, and yet he is the same person who is preaching peace. He is telling other nations whom they had differences with that, they should set aside the differences, forgive them if they America had wronged them, and in so doing they will work together and explore the world together. He then tells them that, if they cooperate, they will all benefit from each other (Raatma, 2002). 

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