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British Forces and American Forces

Why were British forces militarily superior to American forces in the first years of the war?

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Since the time of King Edward 1, Britain had plans and strategies set for development. The country had leaders who were very active and full participated in all walks of life. The county itself was situated in a region which was ready for trade and commerce. Population was growing and this was encouraged in Britain. Families worked tirelessly to achieve the best. Moreover, the Britons had much power over its neighbors. They delegated in this area. Therefore their economy became so stable and admirable that they had to sign treaties with other country so as to work as their mentors. Therefore, in the war against America, the Britain was so powerful and had great courage mentally and physically.

The stable economy helped the country source for war equipments. The government had recruited a large number of its youth in the military. This provided a larger army and navy force. They were well equipped and very experienced as compared to the Americans who were not set for war. They were trained in advance and the battlefield techniques applied were of high expertise. The Britons had officers who had served with distinction in their monarch, their regiment and the government itself. These professionals could not have been compared with the American soldiers who had just been recruited from being farm men. They were semi illiterate and weak and they leaved in marginalized areas. America had no history of war and this made the British army so successful during their fist years (Association, 2008).

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How did the Americans sustain the Revolution between 1776 and 1778?

No matter what the weaknesses America had, the British Government had a heavy task to maintain the defense force in foreign country. They were consuming a lot of the country’s budget and this lead to instability in their financial system. In 1776, the economy of Britain had drastically fallen due to the high debts incurred from the high cost of maintaining the navy and army in America. They were not ready for a different situation from what they had in the earlier times of war. They were confused in administration departments. Also corruption took its roots in the high places .

The Americans capitalized on these weaknesses and worked on them to defeat their enemies. They got their acts together for success. Their strategy was primarily to defend their country and to constantly monitor the British moves so as to counter on them. The American government supplied both soldiers and war equipments reinforcing them for a win in the battlefield (Henretta, James & David, 2005).

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The commanders in the American side developed a reliable line of duty by maintaining the main striking force in a central position hence blocking the British from moving forward into their territories. The Americans were so cautious not to destroy their armed forces at all cost.  In 1778, the French entered the war and this was to the advantage of the Americas. They joined efforts and as a result the French fleet and the continental army were working together against the British. The Americans sustain the Revolution (Martin, 1995).

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