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Richard Nixon History and Achievements

Dualism is a word used to describe the state of having two fractions. One of these examples was the closing of the gold window. Richard stated that ‘‘goods are materials while prices are mental’’. This was one of his statements during the transformation of grains of pure silver to a dollar from a material thing to immaterial digital units. The task of also implementing foreign policies within the white house also involved duality in a way. His personality was also a dual. He refused to resign when he was asked to but forced the vice president to resign.

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Nixon was not happy with the condition that America was in. In 1972 he advocated for a free and fair nation, he hoped to achieve a country where there was an upturn development report and increase the employment chances. He introduced policies which were aimed at managing the prices of items, advocated for a law that would control wage rates. He also implemented a discrepancy which aim was to increase the rate of investment in business made by the government.

America has been through various faces of declivity. A good example was when Soviet Union was noted to decline while communism advanced. The other time was when Japan was announced as the number one country in manufacturing and trade techniques. China is also a great challenge to the country’s economy and demographic factors. America feared when they heard that china had become the leading exporter and their goods selling all over the world

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Carter faced great opposition from party majorities. He was despised by some people, while others took him as an intruder in Washington. The most surprising thing was that even members of his party were not amused by his achievements and goals. Other shortcomings like Heath care dilemmas, Tax cut, Welfare mess, stagflation and Energy crisis were a great challenge to the administration. This was a policy that was introduced to the United States system back in the year 1981 to 1989.  This policy was exemplified by a stratagem that stated ‘‘Peace through strength’’. With the help of this dodge and other associations with the soviet Union and the encounters during the cold war when Gorbachev augmented to power Reagan policy was projected.

Reagan administration faced quite a number of shortcomings.  As a result much of his thoughts and work were highly objected by many people and highly challenged. The white house seemed to be the main hindrance in the proper functioning of Reagan administration. The heated conflicts between the white house, the congress and the state department were really a great bother to the administration’s way of ensuring that they meet all their plans and goals.

The administration executives were not on Reagan’s side rather they were very annoyed and felt jealous when they saw him prosper. As a result the whole lot of these executives always seemed to oppose what Reagan proposed. They disagreed on China policy, for quite a long time. This made the white house to take advantage of the situation and made their relationship with Washington and Beijing better and stronger. Haig, assumed the China policy due to the disagreement amongst it officials, the department of State tacit the formulation and Execution of the administration policy.

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Reagan’s Administration also faced a challenge when Haig wanted to overtake them and formalize the relation they had with China. He wanted a ‘‘strategic association’’ so that he would manage to chunk soviet supremacy. Other issues like the Medical Scandal and the dismissal of the Vice president contender Thomas Eagleton were hindrances to the Reagan’s administrations.

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