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There were various causes of the World War I such as alliances, Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, and rise of nationalism. An alliance is an agreement between two countries to help each other out in times of need. Europe formed alliances with other countries, and in accordance with it, European countries were involved into fights with other countries even when they were not willing to.

Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist, and this triggered the outbreak of the war (James n.pag.). Austria then declared war on Serbia because of the assassination. The formed alliances made Europe involved in chaos as invasion in Belgium made Britain declare war on Germany which was planning to defeat France.

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Nationalism also played a major role as the Great Nations had their own selfish interests. Germany had a great desire for world power status, while French had an intense desire to revenge on Lorraine. Britain, on the other hand, immensely supported for the empire. Thus, all the countries had little resistance to war.

From the very beginning, the USA was neutral in the war. However, after three years, there were propaganda posters urging people to buy arms and support their allies. This is exactly how the USA appeared in the middle of the World War I. The United States of America benefited economically by exporting to countries that were at war with Germany. Thus, it is difficult to answer why it got involved in the war. Getting involved in the war could injure the USA’s economy, but nevertheless the country went ahead and joined the war.  No involvement meant economic boom for the USA, but it joined the war which led to the collapse of the economy.

Custom The Main Causes of World War I in Europe essay

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