Why Americans Spied for the Soviet Union during WW2

The World War 2 which occurred between 1939 and1945 was a global military conflict. It involved most of the world’s nations, including the great powers. It was a widespread war, very many military personnel being involvement. There were two opposing sides to it, the allies and the axes, forming the two different sides of the war. Two of the super powers the Soviet Union and the USA had some relations.

These two were allies during the war and both had ideologies that each felt could boost them further in the war. However, some Americans are accused of helping the Soviet Union during the war especially through spying. Most of the Americans who did this argue that they did not do this for financial reasons. They say that they were inspired by the ideological drive. The United States Communist Party was a resultant of the Soviet Union one and, therefore, the two were somehow affiliated to each other.

One American, Joel Barr, believed to have been a spy for the Soviet Union when interviewed said that together with his two other friends, they considered it appropriate to pass secret information to the USSR because, it was the only nation on earth they believed in, that was trying to build a communist empire. This was during the war and after the war they feared that the United States would use its monopoly on atomic weapons to destroy the Soviet Union’s progress. This led them to pass on some secret information in favour of the Soviet Union. We can see that this is an ideological reason. (King 93).

Others felt that if the Soviet Union had the same atomic power like the USA, then they would fear each other since most of them have the same capability. This would make each country put down their tools and so there would be prevalence of peace. This is how most of the spies argued to defend their actions that were punishable by execution if one was found to be letting out on the Americans secrets (Balogh 103).

There can be no doubt that the specifications on the various atomic knowledge passed on by the American spies provided invaluable information to the Soviet Union during the war.

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