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MICRON Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem, a renowned feminist, journalist as well as political activist was born on 25th March 1934 in Ohio, United States. Steinem played an instrumental role in fighting and advocating for women rights through a movement formed in the 1960s. Women’s liberation movement that was that was in the fore front in calling for unification of women towards advocating for women liberation in the society. The movement was formed in the 60s with a fundamental objective of liberating the female gender in the society against segregation based on their gender orientation. The work of Steinem was diverse but greatly touched the social lives of the oppression on the women especially in America and advocated for equity through the movement as well as other mechanisms. The fact that she was a competent journalist she greatly pushed for reforms through her articles published in highly read materials in America.

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After graduating in the later 1958 Steinem she moved to India through a scholarship and during that time she took part in various activities that played fundamental role in shaping and preparing her for the future activist activities. For instance she took active role in the in peaceful protests that were geared to oppose the government structures in India. Her return in the America was initially characterized with taking job as a both as a writer as well as journalist. Her fame began to climb gradually after she compiled an article that described her as a waitress in a renowned club in the city. Due to her active involvement in the political arena she became a popular politically. This was mainly based on her articles that greatly touched on sensitive political issues that reflected the practical situations of the America people during the twentieth century. This gained her remarkable fame in the various parts of America and individuals gradually started to embrace her ideologies regarding the both the social and political aspects.  

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Steinem involvement in writing as well as compiling columns known as The City Politics in the New York Magazine enhanced her popularity in the political scene. Notably, in the 1968 Steinem attended a meeting that discussed in depth the issues that affected women in the society. The meeting numerously described as a feminist radicalism that was geared towards advocating for radical changes revolving the female gender. The fact that Steinem’s grandmother was a leader in an association that was mounted on the female issues in Ohio she was proud to continue with the work initiated by her grandmother.

This greatly took her close to women liberation movement that was geared towards pushing for reforms that would eliminate injustices in the society as well as liberates women for unequal treatment in America. The article that Steinem published in 1969 coupled with her earlier involvement in advocating for rights regarding abortion in the America gained her fame further in the society. The article, After Black Power, Women’s Liberation attracted huge number of participant in the liberation for women in the society. The group that mainly involved feminists in the US travelled to different parts of the country to mobilize the society in the need of women liberations through the movement.

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In 1970 Steinem proclaimed herself the leader of the movement advocating for women’s liberation and this was followed with a sentiment testimony that in the senate calling for amendment of in the legal frame to accommodate equal rights free from gender discrimination. Steinem managed to overcome the generation gap through enjoying the support of both the older generations as well as the younger. The Women’s strike for Equality of 9170 marked the peck of her activist operations. The strike was based on women’s liberation movement ideologies and called for equality in various sectors of the country in treatment of women. 

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