Changes or Additions to Local Parks


The main purpose of this paper is to address the existing difficulties that have an impact on local parks and assess the right and useful implementations for the major points of making implementations coming up with solutions.

Specifically, it is needed to define all the problems of the presented paper, and, thus, point out possible solutions and needed corrections to them.

Come up with new ideas for developing specific techniques and devices.

For an instance, there can be made a group of young scientists (students or volunteers) who could advance the temporary situation, conducting several studies for a better work of the stuff.

At last, invent some strategies for the actual specialists to assist in advancing the condition of the local parks.

This can be made by the local media or even national press for paying attention to the things so essential for the people of different ages, namely the local parks. Instructors of the research can give a unique chance to anyone for helping the local government.


Nowadays, improvement of new constructions and places of relaxation in search of additional space the increasingly fast eradication for parks.

Being more specific, the local government has higher interest in creating the buildings for pleasure, for example, there is a number of sites for dances, bars, restaurants and hotels. Unfortunately, the temporary situation with local parks has less attention from the authorities, and, it is a challenge nowadays.

Pollution of the local Parks (Pigram, 2006).

The vast majority of people often forget to take out the garbage after eating or the things they do not need at all. Such things are the actual danger for keeping the territory of the parks clean.

At last, people with special needs cannot at all feel the same emotions as others.

Furthermore, they have no opportunity to feel at least some delight because there are almost no chances of it.


Each person who wants to have a walk and visit the local park should strictly follow the rules made beforehand by the specialists, otherwise, there will be imposed a penalty.

In addition, the guards should keep a good watch at every visitor using cameras and other things of an observation as it is highly important.

In order to avoid congestion, there should be introduction of a limit on the number of people using the park at a certain time (Pigram, 2006).

This news can be announced with the help of television and press. The time should also be fixed for the future statistics.

Being more concrete, it can be the list of the main things needed for the better cooperation with nature (meditation, for example), and the best wishes of the local population.

Finally, initiation of strategies that help in improving the environment (Pigram, 2006).


Nature, environment, and, especially the local parks are the things which can make the life of simple citizen healthier, with better communication of people in the town, and create a true harmony in the population.

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Increase of a population, slight infrastructure, pollution and fast evolution are the main reasons of the eradication and destroying the parks.

That is why, new additions and implementations in the local parks is the best method of solving such challenges.

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