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The social setting is very important in the building of relationships in the community in a wide perspective. Several individuals are concerned about what kind of information you relay to them on the internet. These individuals may comprise but not limited to the following. These include people like the consumers, business partners, stock holders, marketers, journalists, prospective employers and co-workers. They are usually interested in most of your personal contacts whether you are seeking employment or just socializing. It could become handy when selling a product, seeking employment, dating, seeking to score an investor or any other social activity in the net. The social network system is ideal in the management of the hurdles in the online customer relations.

The social network system is ideal in the management of the hurdles in relationships. Community building is mainly propagated by the strong self-esteem and the sense of selflessness. Strong self-esteem and selflessness are personal traits responsible for strong relationships when interacting with friends via the social networking sites 2. All these traits can be obtained from the social media interaction since, by the virtual interacting with the friends across the globe, one gathers enough experience, which can also be used, in the interaction with community members. The customer relationships via the social media are expected to be stronger since the interaction involves a large number of people. This implies that an individual should be in position to tap enough skills. Notably, strong relationships are supported by games, politics, and other information that keeps people busy and enhances the communication.

Community builders

Strategy 1

Community builders were formed as the way of enhancing collaboration between the members of the community and skills. The community members are drawn from the distinct social, civic, cognitive and intergenerational backgrounds. Community builders offered a space for the distinct members of community to progress an appreciation for the value attributed to the community, and also discover the means to build and reinforce shared communities, both at the local and international levels. They were the factors behind the success of the various communities, since they’ve created a bond that assisted them to work as a group. Many goals were achieved due to the efforts created by the community builders. The efforts created by the community builders symbolized technical skills that bore extremely sweets fruits for the society at large.

Standards Met

The task of community builders was protracted to accomplish the three specific objectives. They were:

1. To construct intergenerational communities of learning that were tailor made to advance and put into practice the civic engagement skills, as well as applause the possible value that could be added on the lives of the individual citizens. These values assisted different people in the society to become the great personnel. As a result, there was economic growth that took the community a notch higher. 

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2.  To meet the specific needs, as well as interests of all the stakeholders of the project. This would include strengthened skills in reading, social and civic areas. Skills of critical inquiry were also to be enhanced and all these formed the attributes of a society that would be democratically sustainable.

3. To recognize and use skills and talents that would be brought on board by each stakeholder to be ingredients of the global and local projects of community based projects. These skills were meant to make amendment and create development not only in the local areas but in the global frames as well.

So as to realize the above objectives, all the stakeholders obligated themselves to meeting five times over an academic semester, and the meetings would take place at the local town. The attendants of such meetings would be divided into the groups comprised of a pair of college students, eight students of the sixth grade and two adult volunteers. These groups made up an environment of reciprocal learning, making it possible for the college students to enforce their skills of leadership; the students of the sixth grade to understand the means, through which they can yield back to their communities. The adult volunteers were offered a chance to share their real life experiences and encounter with the tender generations.

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Grade level: Sixth grade

The groups’ subdivisions were referred to as neighborhoods and comprised of two college students, who were to take up leadership mantle for the groups, eight students of the sixth grade and two adult volunteers, who were to share their life experiences with the young generations.   

Description of the strategy

The groups did not only talk about what it means to be an active stakeholder, but also practiced their words by devoting service time to the community and reaching out for them. Students of the sixth grade were charged with the responsibility of addressing the needs of the community, while their two college counterparts were to lead and coordinate projects. The adult volunteers acted as mentors through the whole process, and this created an effort that was collaborated. Service projects, like cleaning up centers of the community, were carried out at the local levels, where students could learn how they could occasion a direct impact in their home towns. International service initiatives were also established where students consolidated personal hygiene and educational kits that were then delivered by college students. The college students also spearheaded a leading role of promoting civic engagement, where they introduced a model of learning, taking the responsibility of higher education to a higher level.  The community builders called it the “triangulated learning”, which was a three part approach combining peer learning, traditional learning and learning as a model of civic engagement and leadership education. College students benefited from this style of learning as they acquired leadership skills, practiced these skills and had chances to interact with various leaders serving various tasks in the society, while giving back to their societies by engaging in these service projects.

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In conclusion, Community builders show how intergenerational collaboration can enhance a healthier and stronger body participating citizens. They create an environment that allows positive gain to the society. The program of the community builders serve as a perfect model of community engagement, as well as service-learning. Many individuals look at it as a vessel that wins their daily bread. They get a great urge to use it to achieve the various goals in the society. By efforts in collaboration between both the international and the local communities, the great impact was made on improving the every-day lives of many citizens.

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