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The Moment of Danger

In the situation, when we hear the siren of an ambulance ringing, we usually promise ourselves to start a healthier lifestyle than the one we had before, because we feel that someone’s life is being threatened by a severe disease or an acute accident. We understand that this person might die; so, we become more aware about the possibility of our own death and start cherishing our own life more than before. When it comes to the rebuke from a teacher, we perhaps start behaving well in class because of a hunch to get a bad grade. When someone is walking behind us for a couple of blocks, we will definitely start walking faster and try to approach any kind of a public place, because of a sneaking feeling that we are being tracked by this person. Most of such feelings and actions are usually generated by the sense of crisis awareness – danger. A moment of danger can be a sudden feeling towards any negative thing, an emergency that leads to troubles or even a scary nightmare. As a timid girl, who needs to be taken care of all the time by other people, like a two-month-old kangaroo, which still cannot leave his mom’s “pocket”, I can be easily scared by many things; it often generates a lot of danger moments in all my life.

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It was an evening of a perfect sunny summer day; I was returning home from the cinema after watching an awesome comedy with my friends. Since we all lived in different parts of the city, we said “Goodbye” to each other near the entrance to the Cinema Hall and went in different directions. I was walking slowly enjoying the perfect weather and thinking about all the fun I had that day with my friends. I thought that all I needed then was to get home and make myself a big cup of coffee with milk, so I decided to speed up and hurry home. Whenever I walk fast, I enjoy listening to the music on my phone; thus, I took the phone and headphones out of my pocket and pressed a play button.

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When I went out of the cinema, it was already dusk. The cinema is far from the place where I live; so, when I was half way on my way home, it got really dark. I was walking with my earphones on and listening to a rock song when I entered a long dark part of the street. I noticed that five out of seven streetlamps in this street were not working. Therefore, when I passed only two streetlamps, I saw nothing in front of me except for a total darkness. There was a tiny thought in my mind that maybe I should go another way picking a different street, but I wanted to get home as soon as possible, relax, and drink my cup of coffee. Taking into consideration that this long and dark street was still the shortest way to my home, I went into the darkness.

After a one-minute-walk from the lamp, I found myself in a complete darkness. While my eyes were trying to adjust to the darkness, I was not able to se a thing being practically blind. I decided to take the headphones off to be able to at least to hear what was going on around me. I put the phone and the headphones into the bag and tried to walk slowly towards the end of the street. I was walking for a minute when suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. “Oh my God!,” I thought, “there is someone walking behind me!”. It was really scary, because I was not able to see who it was. I was trying to calm myself down by repeatedly saying “Relax! Everything is OK! You are not in some kind of a scary movie where the maniac is trying to kill you, because you like to wear black T-shirt and listen to Linkin Park”. I successfully calmed myself down and even thought that I was silly, because I was just a little scared.

Suddenly, the footsteps became louder, and I heard that the person was running towards me. “Oh my God!,” I thought, “I am going to die!”. I don’t even know why I thought that I am going to die, but I felt that the fear which I cannot control was growing inside me. I felt that my legs became numb and my heart was beating as fast as the hummingbird’s wings. I was not able to think about anything and just ran. My sight became better after I spent some time in darkness, so I was able to distinguish some shadows. I was running as fast I could; I understood that in order to save my life, I must run, run for my life. I heard that the footsteps were still getting closer to me. My legs got numb once again, and I fall. I hurt my hand and felt that blood was running from my wrist. Even though I was in pain, I got up and ran even faster than before. In few moments, I ran out of the dark street and turned left to the street in the end of which there was my house. It was still dark, but all the streetlamps were working, so I was able to see the whole street.

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To my surprise, there was no one behind me. I hurried up home, but was listening attentively and turning back whenever hearing something or someone behind me. I was still scared, but for five minutes, I was alone on this street, so I thought that I am in safety. However, suddenly I heard the footsteps again. I turned back and saw a figure in black behind me. It was not running, so I decided to continue walking. I felt how the fear was growing inside me again. I tried to clean my face with my hand, but the blood got into my mouse.

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