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Re: Application Form for Senior Prefect Position

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Application Form for Senior Prefect Position

As a response to the open position of a school’s senior prefect, I write this letter with the aim of applying for the above mentioned position. I am a seventeen year old student who is currently in his junior year. I have not been in the school for long, but I am confident that I am best suited for becoming a senior prefect in this institution.

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I injured my back sometime back, which hindered me from playing soccer, a sport I loved passionately. Although this was a difficult time for me, it was also a learning experience for me and it presented me with am opportunity to become a leader. This is because I was able to couch the other younger players. My leadership skills were greatly developed during this time. Moreover, I have been able to volunteer in charitable organizations over the years, which has also significantly couched my leadership abilities.

Everybody has personal traits that allow him/her to carry out a specific task or specific tasks more efficiently and effectively as compared to others. I believe I have several personality traits that put me in such a position. First, I am quiet patient with people. I say this with affirmation from compliments I have received from people around me since I was ten years old. This is a character trait that is significant for people who want to be in leadership positions, public service or customer service where there in constant contact with people. People are of a diverse nature with diverse characters, thus a leader has to be patient enough to handle such people and more important, how to handle them. A person who is quick to anger can never make an effective leader.

Being patient with people does not mean that I am easily intimidated, fearful or gullible. I strongly opinionated and I am not afraid to put my foot down when need arises. Nevertheless, this does not mean that I am inconsiderate or disrespectful of other people’s opinions. In fact, I work best by considering the counsel of others and their perception towards issues; otherwise I would be leading people in accordance to my will but not their will. It only means that I know when the people need a strong leader, lest they will be scattered.

I present these personal traits because I have been commended through various channels regarding the same in the projects I have involved myself in the past years. For example, I am constantly appointed as the leader in my community youth group even without requesting for the position. I belief people have faith in me; hence I can bring the same to this institution.   

One other personality trait I  believe I have which makes me best for the position is that I am jovial and I like to have fun. Over the years as a leader in my own small way, I have realized that people do not want a leader who works best by giving orders and telling everybody else what to do. They want someone who will have fun in what he/she does as well as inspire others to enjoy themselves. People want someone who knows how to balance so that there is both fun and seriousness in the process of achieving a goal. I like smiling, bringing the funny side of a situation and encouraging people to laugh as much as possible.

I may want to have no weaknesses, but evidently, I have some, which makes me human and relate with others. I have been constantly accused of ‘overstretching’ people. This means that sometimes I sometimes underestimate or overestimate their limitations, hence putting them in uncomfortable situations. This mainly happens when I become entangled in my vision for a given course. Even though I may understand a person, sometimes I fail to have practical approaches of handling a person which may sometime pull me away from my purpose. However, I am working with other people in order to help me overcome or control this weakness.

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The other weakness evident is that I have not been in this institution for a long time. Additionally, I have never been a leader of in such a position before. I appreciate that these come with their challenges and limitations. However, I believe that the same can be strengths if I perceive them from a different angle. This is because the taking up these positions will allow me to bring fresh perceptions from someone who has not been exposed to the common ‘politics’ of leadership. I will be able to introduce new ideas as well as objectively criticize some of the practices that may appear to be the norm, yet they deter growth.

As mentioned earlier, I have some leadership experience from the activities I have undertaken in the past years. Although these positions may not be of such stature as the one I request in this letter, they allow me to have some form of experience. Additionally, I have interacted with people of all levels in my time in this school. This means that I have an idea of what the diverse people in this institution expect from the management/administration, teachers and one another.

Sometimes it is perceived as though students simply want to get over with their studies as soon as possible without a care about their institutions. This is not always true. Although they may not profess it verbally or through their actions, students consciously or unconsciously have some form of vision, dream or expectation for their schools. They want all classes to be equally relevant. They also want teachers that care for their general well-being. They want their team or school to top the district one day.

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This considered, I have a vision for this school. I want this school to top the district in all fields/. I have a vision to propel the school into another level of discipline, participation and overall commitment. I wish to make the teams and the students to perceive each other as a team as opposed to two parties in the same institution. I have a vision that learning in this school will be a learning experience. It should not simply be a rite of passage, as people move on to the next thing in their lives.  


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