On Being a Foreigner

One day I was thinking of studying abroad in the future. I could not imagine how beautiful the world was in the other countries where people always dreamt of enriching their lives, mind and knowledge. Studying abroad is very popular in the world. People around the world cannot understand the truth about it in my country. Here is a question, how do you feel yourself as an immigrant? It sounds like there is an easy and happy life in the United States. This is a reason why so many people dream of studying abroad.

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Some years ago, I came to the United States to study on my own. I had nobody to care about me.  At first, I did not know my life will begin with frustrations. Regardless of all the freedom that I gained living without my family members, it was stressful. For two years, I have been a foreigner in the country where I studied. There are no doubts that the education in the U.S. is fair. I cannot say this about my home country. I was just seventeen years old, but I was curious about all the family members and social security. Public speaking is important to learn if you are a resident of the foreign place. It helps people know how to communicate with others and not to lose connection, meet new people and new things. I was determined to take communication as a course when I joined to the institution, but I ended up taking business course because it was my parents’ choice. I adore people from the U.S. and the manner they socialize with others. In addition, I adore their manner of speaking because they go directly to the point. I venerate to hook up with homegrown individuals or other foreigners who just speak a common language. It helps me improve public speaking and communication skills.

However, to be honest, as a foreigner, I feel forlorn. It seems terrible for me to make friends with different people. Nevertheless, I have a number of friends surrounding me, but they are not close friends. I belong to the Chinese registration by birth. Is there any discrepancy amid the U.S and China? It is related not just to education and the culture, but these countries have different views on the same things. Because of the differences people of the same cultural form a special circle of friends. From the observation I have made, Americans hang out with Americans and the Chinese hang out with Chinese. At times, one can break these rules and get into another group to meet other people. Nonetheless, it might be problematic.

Parents claim that they would love their kids to study overseas as a way of offering them a good future.  Is that argument real and true? I believe we all have a better life. All we should do is work hard to have a better future despite the place we have studied at. Not every person has the opportunity to learn abroad, though I am a fortunate one. I planned to live in the States for 5 years to acquire a credential for master grade, all of the foreign students usually do. At least, I would love to get a livelihood and acquire learning skills here.

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I usually hook up with Chinese people who talk privately to me. I am a little afraid to perform the same task and commune in the similar language that I use in my home country. The funny thing is that I am starting to stay away from people who speak the same language with me and I am gradually starting to accept the public language in the United States.

Many foreign students keep going to study abroad all over the world. On one hand, parents need to have a lot of money to let their children get knowledge away from their culture. On  the other hand, they think that the American style of education is of high quality and better than education in other countries. They also feel that it is better than the homeland education system where we have lived for many years.

The first thing I understood when I came to the United States is that Chinese and American are two different cultures. In China, parents always support their children even after they retire. On the contrary, American parents only support children until eighteen years of age or as soon as their children become independent.

I felt sad especially when I felt homesick in the country. Societies are developing on a daily basis. People around the world always move from place to place and create new cultures and new things. 

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Success of the process is arduous. Every moment I glanced up and saw an airplane, I felt forlorn. It is because I am a foreigner in the country.

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I was using essay "On Being a Cripple" as a model. Nancy Mairs demonstrated how graceful she accepted and lived with her disease, and how she found a sense of humor in life. I was touched after I read the article and felt sorry about Nancy Mairs' experience. She says, "As a cripple, I swagger"(p. 29). She called herself a "cripple." She describes her feelings by setting different tone with her essay. She does not need others to sympathize with her. In this point, I admire her. In my essay, I came to the United States for studying without anyone to accompany me. I like to meet different people who are friendly and positive. However, in a strange country, a person's strength is limited. "Because I hate being cripple, I sometimes hate myself for being a cripple" (p. 34). I do not want to be a foreigner in the United States, but I have no choice if I want to get high-quality education here. I chose Nancy Mairs' essay as a model, because I need to learn and improve my college writing in the future.

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