Celebrities Who've been Stalked

Life of celebrities is not that glamorous, fun and easy as one might think. Although they have got lots of admires, are popular and extremely rich, yet mass media report all the details of their lives. Most of these individuals own expansive houses, fashionable clothes, exotic island beach cottages, personal brands, and even the whole industries in exchange for their privacy. Being a public person requires careful planning, work of stylists and other image makers, as well as appropriate attitude to non-celebrity acquaintances. Some people admire the talent of a celebrity; other react to such a person in a rather disturbing and psychologically unhealthy way.

One of the world’s famous superstars and world’s best-selling music artists Madonna is a highly experienced celebrity, who has already been at the peak of glory for many years. Throughout the years of her life as a pop singer, she has encountered many challenging situations, as well as stalking. In 1996, a stalker threatened to slit Madonna’s throat, if she would not marry him (NBCUniversal, 2012). Recently, the superstar became a victim for the second time of a thirty-year-old stalker, who thought he was in a relationship with the pop diva. Grzegorz Matlok, who burgled Madonna’s house in Marylebone, had already broken into her house in Wiltshire, which she shared at that time with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie (The Telegraph Media Group, 2012). The star states that these stalkers’ “visits” are common in her practice, and she has to be always aware to expect another intrusion (Ramsland, 2012).

Fortunately, wealthy celebrities have at their disposal security guards, who keep them safe day and night. Stalking is less frequent among the ordinary people, yet it is also a common practice. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford the 24/7 guards for themselves; moreover, it is always difficult to prove the stalking cases, unless the stalker attackes his victim. Nonetheless, I believe, that regardless of the status of a person, one has to be treated equally and with respect. Even though celebrities more often are under the threat of stalking, ordinary people also suffer from emotional distress.

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