Abnormal Psychology


One of the most popular causes of suicide is depression. When one is depressed he tends to see that escape from the pain is not possible. He thinks of escaping from the pain. He thinks that people can even do without him and thus he ends up committing suicide. Psychosis is another cause of suicide. This is the voice that tells one to kill himself. The voice has command such that if not treated it can make one to commit suicide. Some suicide cases are as a result of drugs and this makes them impulsive and thinks of committing suicide. When sober, u can’t know whether they will attempt or commit suicide. Some people commit suicide not because they want but they were trying to cry out for help. They fell that by trying to commit suicide they will get attention from the concerned persons. Others commit suicide because they have a philosophical desire to die. This is because for instance they have illness that they feel its incurable or it’s painful.

Characteristics of people attempting suicide

One of the characteristics of people attempting suicide is that they are hopeless. They don’t seem to have solutions to too many things and this makes them be depressed and ends up committing suicide. They also have a sense of futility which is seen differently at different ages and different cultures and this makes them believe that they can do nothing about making life better and that life Is bad. This makes them end up committing suicide.

Isolation is another characteristic of people wanting to commits suicide. These people think that no one can solve or can help in offering solutions to their problems. They stay alone and this even deepens their depression leading to one committing suicide. They are always giving threats that they will kill themselves especially to the people they are crying out for help from.


Research shows that within a period of a given 12 months 15% of adolescents thinks of committing suicide. It is further estimated that worldwide one million people die from committing suicide each year. Suicide cases have recently increased to 60% worldwide.

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The effects of suicide to the society are that the society looses productive people and thus some businesses and company’s collapses as a result of their owners committing suicide. The family members of those who lose their loved ones to suicide also get affected emotionally and psychologically.

Suicide can be prevented by treatment when one or more of the causes of suicide are treated early. People who have attempted to common suicide need to be closely watched and talked to always. They need to be counseled all the time. They should not be allowed to stay alone.


This is a mental disorder where people 16 years old and above feel attracted sexually to children usually ten years and bellow. It being not known how many people are suffering from the disorder it’s even hard to treat them. Most doctors have said that the condition is not treatable and that the victims can only be prevented from abusing others sexually especially if they have done it once. The act in the society is referred to as immorality and It cannot be accepted in our society. People who do such things as raping young children are seen as outcast in the society. It’s also unlawful to do such a thing like raping or abusing children sexually and victims can be sued in a court of law and charged with abuse of children sexually. The illegality varies from one country to another as well as the punishment of the same.

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