Social Psychology

Marriage is a promise made between two people to spend the rest of their lives together in sickness and in health, until death parts tem. Nonetheless, in order for a marriage to stick, both persons have to put a lot of effort in order to commit to it. Unfortunately, supporting a family is one of the most difficult tasks a person can imagine. There are many ways through which people can support the good tact, intentions and prospect to pave their way into a brighter future for their family.

Communication is one of the key elements of understanding and connection between the individuals, who seek to make their marriage work. Talking does not mean saying a lot of words in a specific order. It means communicating one’s feelings, fears, as well as needs and anxieties to the person you love. Talking helps bonding only in case if your interlocutor is ready to listen, and vise versa.

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Talking to each other is even more pleasant when two people always have something to talk about what they both are interested in. Sharing common interests and personal experiences about them opens your close person from a different side, helps you to rediscover this person anew, be proud and love even more.

In addition to talking about something in common, trying to perform each other’s interests together also helps bonding tremendously. Such approach helps to enjoy the activity you like to do even more while executing it in a good company of a loving person. Spending quality time together brings the sacred devotion into personal affairs, and develops a sense of complete trust and security, which is so important for a relationship.

Romantic dates and nights out help a couple to forget their daily activities, which constantly hold them under stress. Closeness and intimacy, both emotional and physical also help to get the two people closer to each other in all senses. Also, holding hands, touching, kissing, making love elaborate the endorphins into the brain, which help us to enjoy the connection we are having with the other person, and support it better.

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Being said the cure for all the sicknesses, laughter, is also important in the relationships. Laughter also elaborates specific hormones, which make us like the person, by feeling more comfortable around, creating a feeling of trust and security. If a couple laughs together on a daily basis, they carry each others’ stress away, and perform a high level trust towards each other, which is a very good sign.

Nonetheless, even though a couple keeps in mind all the textbook directions on how to make a marriage perfect, it can either not work on practice, or for a specific person or couple. The main reason for that is that each day people are surrounded by stress, aggression, and violence, which no one can prevent from occurring or avoid constantly. Today, the psychologists put a lot of effort to find out why people engage in aggressive or violent behavior, what causes them to do so. The researchers consider a row of factors, which can cause aggressive behavior in individuals. According to the psychology there exist seven major factors, which influence aggression.

I find that two of these factors seem to be the more striking and lasting for a person’s violence. The first one is social learning. According to the theory of social learning, all behavior of human acting is taken as an example from someone else, who used to do it. Therefore, the social experiment with a Bobo doll proved that children, who saw a person on TV kicking the Bobo doll, performed more aggressive behavior in comparison to those children, who did not see the video. 

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What is more, the temperature can also influence on the human behavior. As the heat raises, the people become more and more irritating and start to perform hostility towards each other. Nonetheless, such does not happen if the temperature is too high. In such case, people get tired quickly and their level of aggression and violence decreases back down.

However, I believe that the main trigger of aggression is the stress caused by lack of time and tiredness. We experience stress on a daily basis. As everyone dislikes it, one wants to return the favor of stressing out in its turn as well.

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