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How to avoid Fear

If there were a way to look into the future, one would suggest people to avoid the temptation of knowing it. One should put aside the vague illusions about the happy future and embrace the truth. There is nothing decent ahead of people. Nothing but death waits in the obscurity of the aging. These thoughts are now the reflection of people’s fear. Fear corrupts the soul on the way home. All roads turn into a direction that is known to everyone, but seldom people feel how close it is. It is death that puts a dagger into hearts of the living. This dagger is a fear, and it has been cutting wounds of one’s mind since one has lost somebody in his or her life. One has watched people going under the earth on the funeral. Their pale faces have imprinted on memory. Life has taken him away and has betrayed bright expectations for the future. The spirit of death takes the breath away when one goes through an old cemetery. Gravestones that can be seen from the street reminding about death. This is the greatest fear one may ever have. Fear of death awakes, when one is near graves. A theory about happy endings seems to be detached from life. Two passions torture one in moments of despair. One is pain, and another is fear.

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If people imagine the emotion of fear as an animal, then this is a creature with large hands that can grab sharp teeth and claws that bite and scratch a body. This is the animal that leaves deep scars, crashes bones and gives little chance for the stampede.  Mad eyes of the fear are always set on a victim. Its roar makes blood run cold. The animal is large, fast and can catch its prey easily. The silhouette of the animal is casted in the shadow of the mind. Perhaps, it is similar to the way ancestors imagined fear to be. They were afraid of the darkness of the night, lightning flashes, the thunder of the storm, and the sun that may never rise one day. In this people have surpassed old days of the humanity. People are not afraid of monsters of this world any more, as they create their own deadly monsters.

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 My fear is the animal that breathes the deadly air of pain on cemeteries. Sometimes the animal whispers whenever one goes that there is always a chance for every walk to be the last. It is possible to deny what one feels, but deeply in the eyes people can catch the glimpse of the ghost that haunts the heart. The animal is hungry and has no mercy for those who fight the inner wars and try to live with the burden of death on their shoulders. The fear is like a large mighty animal. It is graves that scare people. Under each of the gravestone there is a person buried. One day he or she was lucky, happy or sad, and one day a person passed away. The honest truth overwhelms. Graves are symbols of fear. Those stones are bodies that fear can possess in the mind’s eye. One cannot run from it or forget about it. One sinks into the gloom of fear.

Fear is a mechanism that is responsible for the survival. This heritable emotion is the basic emotion. People are born with certain fears, such as fear of heights or loud sounds, but there is a line between what helps to survive and what leads to destruction. People acquire certain fears during their lives. Fear one feels is based on the experience of every person. It comes crashing down if people feed fear in their thoughts.  One’s fear can be an inanimate object that one makes real and alive when one thinks about it. Gravestones are symbols of loss, and loss is what one can fear most of all. It is inevitable, and this predestination curses people to be afraid of what they have no power to change.

People follow the same patterns in experiencing this emotion. It is people’s mind that creates fear. Human beings can be afraid of physical objects or mental projections. There are things that fright them, because they are real and are “in a moment”. Fear can be provoked by physical objects or livings things. In order to be afraid of these things, they have to be interpreted by a brain as a threat to life. Other objects are products of imagination and they cannot hurt, but on the psychological level one may be sure of the terror. People are often afraid of things they do not understand. It is hard to look into eyes of unknown. Those eyes are terrible. What makes this a fearful thing is the human brain. What people believe in is true for them. The abyss of the unknown increases the emotion of fear.

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Gravestones are the prison of mind, and one believes he has the power to fight his fear. Everyone can take over his own fears, but it takes more than just courage. An understanding can conquer the emotion. The sense of self-preservation may lead to a self-destruction. People should forge the cage for the beast that is fear. It is the gap between feelings and thoughts where fear grows. One should search the weapon inside of own soul. My fear of the gravestones will vanquish later or become my tomb.  It is in our hands to fight our fears.

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