How do Relationships dissolve over Time

Time is one of the principal factors which have an impact on any kind of relationships. In some cases, it makes them closer, whereas in other ones time becomes the reason for conflicts and even divorce.

First of all, the personalities of both spouses develop in psychological and social aspects. It is of common knowledge that habits, preferences, and lifestyle change due to some circumstances. In an abundance of cases, a husband or a wife cannot accept these new peculiarities of his/her spouse’s way of living. It results in various conflicts, which tend to lead to a divorce. On the other hand, the lack of anything new in the spouses’ life can dissolve the relationships as well. When each of the spouses can predict the actions of his/her partner, it heightens routine so that one of the spouses can be tired or bored of the relationships. Another spouse, in his/her turn, can feel this and suspect infidelity. If there is distrust in the relationships, marriage dissolves.

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Another factor which provokes the marriage dissolution is life success of one of the spouses. If a wife or a husband succeeds in life and his/her partner does not, it can cause a divorce, even though the couple has been together for a long period of time. A successful spouse can feel that he/she is married to an unfortunate. Another one can understand his/her bad luck and even, in some cases, abjection.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy to admit that a long period of time a couple spends together can make them understand each other better.  On the other hand, it can also transform even romantic relationships into the daily routine, which can provoke a spouse to cheat. Infidelity, the desire to change the way of living, as well as the necessity to be as successful as the spouse, makes the marriage dissolve over time.

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