My Class Motivation

The class that I very motivated to excel in performance is history. The motivation comes from my inner desire to to know more about the past of the mankind, evolution of politics and economies, and about general ways  how people survived the test of time. On the other hand I am motivated to get more knowledge in history and be aware of every historic events in order to learn the lessons of the past. People should not be ignorant about the past, since it greatly affects the present and has its influence on the future. I always listen to every teacher’s word rapturously and with a great interest. Tons of information learned in class provides me with sufficient grounds to discuss with my fellows and other people and get even greater knowledge than I already have. Yet, not only teacher made me interested and motivated in learning history. Another factor that influenced my motivation in learning history is numerous TV shows on history, Internet websites and aricles on various history topics, as well as history exhibitions in museums. However, the most significant factor that keeps my external motivation to excel in this class is the fact than my teacher and parents reward my interest in and passion for learning history.

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Yet, there is a class that I have almost zero motivation for. It is Math class. Firstly, I am not motivated in Math because I cannot deal with numbers. It is not that I do not like Math, but it is my weakness. I remember it was a few years ago when I tried hard to study mathematical equations, problem solving and formulas to pass the examination; but after the exam my teacher approached me to inform me that I did not pass the class. I was so disappointed and frustrated with what I heard that it affected my self-esteem and performance in class.

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