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The left hemisphere stroke would have such effects like sensory impairment, language understanding and speech problems. So, I would suffer from communication hardships with my sons and husband. In such case, analytical thinking, math and organizational abilities also suffer. It would be also rather difficult to learn new information, read and write. Besides, right-sided weakness and visual problems are also possible.

Personally, I find the right hemisphere stroke more tragic. By the right hemisphere stroke, patients usually get visuo-spatial deficit and language impairment. As I am a mother, it would be quite difficult or impossible for me to take care of my boys. In case of complete paralysis, all of my activities would be unavailable. I wouldn’t be able to go jogging at the beach, cook, listen to music, play with my boys etc. Besides, I would suffer from the lack of concern about situations, impulsivity and depression. To the impacts of the right hemisphere stroke also belong problems with short-term memory, and that is why it is hard to learn how to get over the effects of the stroke. And I would also possibly neglect all the body changes and necessity to take measures for recovery. But indeed, both strokes are tragic as anyway I would be completely dependent on another person and wouldn’t be able to act as a mother.

Some psychological disorders are more common in women (depression, agoraphobia, and simple phobia), and some are more common in men (antisocial personality disorder and substance abuse). One of the possible reasons for such gender differences in the prevalence of these disorders is the impact of different hormones (men and women) on the emotional state. Different hormone disorders may cause correspondent psychological symptoms. Extra level of testosterone may cause problems based on excessive aggression.

According to my opinion, socially approved roles for women and men still create different psychological stress related to inability to realize needs and wishes, which are under taboo in the society. Besides, some individuals can’t cope with the volume of responsibility, which foresees different demands for women and men.

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