Psychology in Everyday Life

As opposed to many other disciplines, psychology can be applied in all the domains of human life. It is no longer a secret that psychological theories are widely used by businessmen, politicians, showmen, educationalists, doctors, and many others. People are influenced or even manipulated by psychological tactics, no matter if they are aware of this or not.

Starting from early childhood, children display a great affection towards the closest people, most often their parents. According to the attachment theory, this happens due to the children’s need to have a role model to follow. This could be not only relatives, but cartoon characters or superheroes they see in comic books or on TV. This phenomenon has widely been exploited by marketing companies. Colorful commercials with favorite characters telling to buy some product are the most effective advertisements.

Another theory showing how people could be persuaded to consume a product is Ego psychology, or if to be precise, Narcissism. The most fashionable clothes and expensive jewelry, the fastest cars and the biggest houses, the furthest holiday destinations and the most exotic food – everything is vigorously purchased by people for one reason – such things boost their egos. Human vanity tells them they deserve to be the best in everything, and, being aware of this fact, some people make money on it.

One more theory which tries to explain human psychology is Behaviorism. It says that, since human thoughts and intensions cannot be displayed and described scientifically, we should judge people only by their behavior. Normally, it happens so in human relationships, but the theory is often put into practice by, for example, employers during job interviews. The way people talk, sit, or hold a pen speaks louder than words.

Therefore, psychological theories are immensely useful when it comes to human relationships. Knowing some of these theories helps both influence people and avoid being adversely influenced by others.

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