Sexual Perversion. Is There Such


Human are born with a variety of needs and wants that they must satisfy among the most basic food, shelter, security, clothes and sex. Sexual desire is one of the main appetites that humans strive to satisfy. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sexual desire is one of the needs that human beings must satisfy and in bid to meet the sexual needs humans get motivated to behave in varied ways. Sexual appetites like any other appetites such as thirst and hunger must be satisfied or put differently humans jump through hoops and loops in order to meet their sexual needs. To satisfying these hungers there are natural ways and unnatural ways that can be used. In human beings appetites such as hunger are satisfied when individuals take food orally while thirst is satisfied by oral intakes of liquids, these are the natural ways.

Unlike other desires hunger and thirst are most often satisfied in most natural ways that is through oral intakes of both fluids and food. The exceptions are when the individuals seeking to satisfy these two needs to one reason or the other incapable or orally taking in food and liquids and in most cases this result from incapacitation or illness. Similarly in the society there are natural and unnatural ways of satisfying sexual appetites (Soble & Power, 2008) .It is when individuals use unnatural ways to satisfy their sexual appetites that the become sexual perverts.

For sexual perversion to exist in the society therefore there must be some unnatural ways that humans use to satisfy or to meet their sexual needs. There is no agreeable universal definition of sexual perversion however the American Psychiatric Association DSM-IV-TR defines a whole range of sexual peversive behaviour. The APA defination of  sexual perversion states : “Sexual perversions are conditions in which sexual excitement or orgasm is associated with acts or imagery that are considered unusual within the culture.” (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). The manual further refers to sexual perversion as paraphilia which describes the condition where an individual’s sexual desire and satisfaction are achieved through fantasies, objects or unusual imagery (American Psychiatric Association, 2000, p. 566).

According to he  American Psychiatric Association DSM-IV-TR sexual satisfaction and desires can result from given objects or acts that arouse an individual.they are considered pervesive behaviour since these gratifications and arousalls result when ever the given objects or acts are perseived which is a diversion from the societal norms.But not all arousal and gratifications can be classified as peversion.for arousal and gratifications to qualify as peversion an individual has to be unable to resist  arousal and gratifications wenever these fantasies, objects or unusual imagery occur. In addition the incapacity to control sexual gratification by performing sexual acts with minors or non contesting adults (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

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Non contesting adults includes those who are according to the law have no capacity to make informed decisions such as mentally impaired and minors .Minors are considered under the laws as those individual who are incapable of forming informed decisions. In the USA those under the age of sixteen are considered incapable of making informed sexual decisions. Satisfying ones sexual desires with such individuals is therefore not normal behavior which qualifies such acts as sexual perversion.

In addition the APA (American Psychiatric Association) also classifies certain uses of fantasies, objects to satisfy sexual urges as abnormal behavior or certain levels or sexual urges. These fantasies, objects and abnormal sexual urges can lead individuals to lack proper or normal bodily functions and therefore are capable of those causing individuals to be dysfunctioning members of the society or fail to function normally and to fit in the society. Sexual fantasies that can lead to dysfunctional behavior include the use of such objects as shoes, undergarment or sexual acts that require individuals to be humiliated.

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There are also those individuals who use pain to satisfy their sexual urges or to cause humiliation to their partners. Other abnormal sexual behaviors that the APA considers as sexual disorders includes flashing or exposing ones sexual organs as a means or getting sexual gratification. Sexual perversion can also involve the use of objects that are non living to satisfy sexual urges or by touching, rubbing on non-contesting individuals. All these perversion acts exist in the society and not only because they are recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as deviant sexual cats but also because there are laws that exist in the society to deal with individuals who are caught engaing in such acts. 

The existence of sexual perversion in the society can therefore be also proved by the fact that there are laws that are enacted to deal with those individuals in the society who engage in sexual behaviors that are considered to deviate from the normal. Sexual behaviors that the laws in many societies punish as deviant behaviors include rape, child molestation, sexual assault, sexual imposition, statuory rape, pandering obscenity, incent bestiality. There are already thousand of individuals serving jail terms in various countries for the various sexual offences. The mere fact that in every country all over the world there are individuals who are in jail for sexual offences proves that sexual perversion exists in our society. In the USA those individuals who have served jail terms for the various sexual offences are required under the law to register as sexual offenders in the state where they live. This is because most of those jailed for sexual offences often repeat them.

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Pandering obscenity includes producing and transferring visual depiction minors performing sexual acts. So rampant was this kind of sexual perversion that in the USA laws were enacted to deal with the menace. Other sexual perversion activities that have occurred in societies world wide include sodomizing young boys by adult men. There are scandals that have been recorded involving priest. The laws in the USA recognizes sexual intercourse as the acts that can occur genital-genital, anal-genital oral-genital and oral-anal among individuals of the same sex or opposite sex. Traditionally the sexual acts between individual of the same act were considered as unnatural and those individuals who engaged in such behavior went to great lengths to hide their behaviors. However the last few decades has seen individuals in some societies especially the developed countries openly admitting their sexual preferences for members of their own gender (Card, Gillespie, & Hirst, 2008).

Sexual deviation did not begin with the modern society for example the bible talks about acts of homosexuality in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah .This is where the term sodomy was borrowed from. The bible however does not advocate for sex between members of the same gender the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was punished by God with fire for engaging in such immoral behaviors. The bible where most of our moral principles are borrowed recognizes marriage between men and women and therefore sanctions for sexual acts only between men and women. It further prohibits sexual acts between relatives which is incest and bestiality. The fact that these sexual perversions are mentioned in the bible indicates that they existed in the society since the world was created. Sexual acts becomes immoral either because they are unnatural ,used to humiliate or punish  other members of the society ,used to degrade other individuals ,used to hurt others ,used against those incapable of contesting or performed without the contest of the partner regardless of  their capability to make informed decisions.

Sexual immorality can from the biblical point of view include prostitution, homosexuality, bestiality, premarital sex, lesbianism, adultery. However these traditional views on sexual perversion are today more liberal with such acts homosexuality and lesbianism that were considered unnatural gaining acceptance especially among the developed society (Peakman, 2009). Indeed there are some societies where marriage between members of the same genders are acceptable and legally recognized but not to all members of such societies. Therefore there are still controversial even in developed societies with conservative members of these societies still advocating for the traditional forms of marriage which were defined as unions comprising members of different genders and therefore by extension still considering homosexuality and lesbianism as sexual perversion (Gillespie, Sinason, & Socarides, 2005). What has never been questioned as sexual perversion are sexual acts involving minors, rapes, bestiality, incest, sexual molestation ,child pornography ,sexual slavery among other deviant sexual activities that are frowned upon by societies across the globe.


The existence of sexual perversion in society world wide is a reality the only controversies that often arise is that there are acts that in societies have gained acceptance while in other are still consider as unnatural acts. Such sexual behaviors as between individuals of same gender are in some society today gaining acceptance while in other society are still considered unnatural. Regardless of these few differences societies world wide are faced with a variety of sexual   behaviors that can only be described as sexual perversion.

It is for this reason that there are laws across the globe that punish such sexual deviant behaviors as rapes, molestation, child pornography ,sexual slavery, bestiality ,incest among others. The immorality of sexual perversion stems from the religious believes cultural practices, rights and wrongs. For example it is wrong in any society for an individual to engage in sexual activities with minors regardless of ones religious believes, culture or traditional believes.

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