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Festival Tourism


Festival Tourism

A festival is a social public event that is symbolized with a celebration. Much definition on festivals depicts the inclusion of themes and traditions. Summarily we could say that festivals are those events that are both public and celebrated for certain reasons and situations. Then tourism festivals are those events that are poised to attract tourists through celebrations. As nations are looking to attract more tourists and enhance their attractions, tourist celebrations have increased and become more unique. Every country and city has its own traditions and cultural practices. Perhaps in many ways the celebrations that mark their cultural traditions and inventions are key to attracting more tourists who are keen and currious.Food and wine are souls of mankind. Where there if food and wine there are parties and celebrations. And where there is better food and wine there are much more parties and celebrations. Tourists love celebrations and unique types and tastes of food and wines.


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As Getz (2008) writes, “festival tourism is defined on the festival tourism demand and supply”. The Hawaii food and wine festival has a positive look on tourism demand. Festival tourism demand is based on of the number of tourists who will attend the festive. The sea side city is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. By emphasizing on tourism demand, the city food and wine festival attracts more tourists who wish to experiment on the city’s best foods and wines. The festival gathers a number of chefs and wine agencies around the city and all of the state of Honolulu. Indeed most of the chefs and agencies that form part of the festival have cooked and served influential people. An example would the president of United States. Tourists enjoy food and wines in various restaurants, spas and hotels in the city. Also sampled are the cultural and classic modern food and wines from master chefs who have cooked for loyalties and presidents all over the world and feel the taste of the Hawaiian common delicacies and dishes. Tourists can also be given free instant culinary training and guide. The food and wine festival has for long term that touch of entertaining tourists who flock the city, (Hawaii food and wine festival, n.d)

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The Hawaii food and wine festival has been successful for a number of years. The objectives of organizers are often achieved with much more success. The festive prospects are always to attract as many tourists and people to attend the festival but then there much other objectives ignored. The festival enterprises on showing new types of foods and ways of mixing wine. Such objective gives visitors the desire to test new foods and wine culture but also disposes of the original purpose of the festival. The festival is organized to show the foods and wines of the city, hence when they experiment another delicacies or a new one, the meaning is lost. Currently they are organizing an august food and wine festival based on showing the world best foods and wines, again a wrong perspective. The festive should focus on creating an image that will make the festival and city a positive tourist destination. Thus a more cultural and rooted image will be created and thus call for more tourists. The festival should always update and invent more food and wine festive concepts that can still enhance the experience that is derived from the festival, Getz (1997).

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Event strategic planning and development

As many festivals have proven, organizing a festive would be a challenge and at the same time a walk in the park. A festive like the Hawaii food and wine festival is planned and analyzed as earlier as possible to avoid any challenges and problems that may arise later. Strategic planning is essential in preparing any event, number of days, place, and level of community involvement, stakeholders and the cost of the festival are the major factors to be considered. Before any festival is organized, a financial strategy would be the first issue to look at. Most of the food and wine festivals have been sponsored by various organisations majorly from the food and wine industry.

The Hawaii food and wine festival is usually sponsored by industry players who share an interest in tourism, food and wines. For some time, the Hawaiian airlines have been the biggest sponsor. The city tourism authority, Hawaii tourism Authority follows and then other small players. In the august wine and food festival companies like Hawaii food service, Star Advertiser, Southern Wine and Spirits and major restaurants and resort centers in the city will sponsor the event. The festival usually occurs in four days and involves a series of events and journeys around the city to showcase the beauty and taste of Hawaii food and wines. Indeed the festival is organized superbly with all a tourist may need. With much awareness given to the local community and international partners, the festival proves to impact all stakeholders targeted.

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Community social impact and involvement

Festive events are organized to promote the social representations and ideals of a given place. The communal culture and lifestyle are the basis of wine and food festivities by seeking to present the local foods and wines and also showing the local culinary methods. The events also gives an opportunity to participate in the celebration and thus in the process provide much insight on the event. Positively, the Hawaii food and wine festival benefits a number of communal organisations and individuals. As it is an event of showcasing food and wine, the local culinary and science college’s benefit from the event. The festivals help students from the culinary Institute of the Pacific to learn and associate with a number of master chefs and mixers who participate in the festival. Apart from the organisations, individually the festival creates jobs.

The Hawaii food and wine culture is lively presented, visitors learn to cook and serve Hawaii foods and wines. Indeed the Hawaii community gets a lot from the event and most importantly the festival brings members of the community together and share their culture and ideals. But at the same time, the event comes at a cost. The festival attracts a lot of tourists around the world who crowd in one city to experience the pleasures of food and wine. Eventually the great number of people can cause overcrowding and noise that disturbs the peace of the city. The event also provides an ample environment for drug abuse, intoxication and other illegal activities.

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To ensure success and proper management of tourism festivals the community should be involved effectively. Involvement in the planning, incentives to the communal organisations and a proper awareness campaign are some of the strategies that should useful. In containing the crowds, proper crowd management modalities should be affected. Community consultation and area businesses involvement could also be essential.

Food and Wine marketing and economic impacts

As we discussed earlier food and wine tourism emergence is a cause of different trends in the world. A century ago food was just an essential item of survival. It was not such epical and wonderful experience has its today. Due to migration and tourism today food has become another item of human amazement. Most people take more time on eating pleasures than considering it. This has led to emergence of different classical restaurants and hotels that offer a variety of food and wines. Many people travel around in the world for just the fascination of food and wine, making the food and industry grow and achieve certain economic impacts, (Brown, G, 2000)

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Economic impacts

With emergence of food and wine tourism the world has seen tremendous economic a form of tourism, food and wine have prompted various countries and cities to adopt certain strategies to boost the sector and realize gains. In the United States and Australia schemes and strategies on marketing and branding have devised to promote more food and wine. We have seen the hospitality industry rise at a fast level due to the necessity of food and wine. To develop more the sector, major recommendations are being made on improving agriculture and promoting cultural food and wine activities. This has been done through holding food and wine festivals, promotion of farmer shops and markets and wine every way the Hawaii food and wine festival promotes to the economy of the city and people. The city raises a lot of money at the event .Also the festival attracts many tourists who thereby promote other forms of businesses in the city.

Marketing Impacts

Like many other fascinating products, food and wine can be very important marketing tools. Food and wines as illustrated earlier can be identified with place and origin. Hence major cities and countries use food and wine to promote themselves. Hawaii uses the food and wine festival to promote itself as a tourist destination. Food and wine thereby can serve an important promotional tool. Also food and wine can create a major factor in creating a name for a particular destination. Many people who have never visited Hawaii will be compelled to visit the city because of the food and wine festival, (Mitchell and others, 2007)

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Some countries have used food as a brand initiative. By creating food and wine agencies and authorities to provide policy and plan food development, they get recognized. Hawaii has a food agency called Hawaii Food Services that provides strategies and policies in food development. Food and wine can also help promote the local identity and culture. Major cultures in Italy are recognized in the favor of the wine they make. Indeed food and wine festive tourism plays an important promoting role, (Mitchell, 2007)

Like many other products that impact trade we should be able to realize that food and wine can be very important products. Festive tourism with the promotion of food and wine can bring major changes in a place. They can create new business and promote tourism in any area. Also festivals can help promote culture and traditions of a particular community.

Industry Involvement

The food and wine industry is changing each day. There is much interest in deriving a new kind of wine or food to the market. Customers are always on the look for that new blend of wine and experience it.But then there has been problems in distributions and selling of different types of wines across the globe. Major wineries consider cellar door sales and other quick methods that do not connect with the overall industry. To achieve ultimate sales there is need for effectual distribution channels, (Carlsen, J & Getz, and D 2006)

Problems and difficulties facing the industry

Currently due to poor infrastructure and other planning and development strategies, there is a minimal integration between the food and wine industry and tourism industry. Due to those reasons the wine industry is probably being shuttered. Lack of integration will lead to long and ineffective distribution and selling channels which in turn will read to low sales.

Another challenging factor is promoting local foods and wines. There are less methods of promoting local food and wine. As far as tourism is growing, there are some wonderful delicacies and wines that are not yet discovered due to lack of promoting them. Lack of cooperation between industry players has also lead to failure of attempts of promoting food and win products to the tourism sector. At the same time there is lack of marketing and important entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that can help boost the industry any further. Lastly there is still lack of information in the wine and food industry about the impact tourism presents to them.

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Development Strategies

To ensure that the problems above are solved and a better wine and food industry has been created there are a number of strategies the industry should adopt. The major one would be industry cooperation. In organizing the Hawaii food and wine festival, various players in the wine and food industry came together and promoted the event. The concept was that by sponsoring the event, their products and services will be eventually be needed hence at the same time promote themselves. All food and wine industry players should cooperate and form an alliance that will eventually integrate both sectors.

Industry development should also be another important strategy. By investing in education and research, creation of new products and extensive market will help the industry. Information is very important in the industry; hence major strategies should be created to create awareness. Relevant materials about the industry should also be available. Lastly wine industries should be educated on the importance of joining the tourism sector.

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Trends in the food and wine tourism sector depend on age and education levels. Age and education level impact the festive tourism in two ways. Whereas it has been discovered that a higher number of educated people take wine old people take less. These impacts and other ever changing tourist needs have led to major changes in the food and wine industry. At the same time two involved industries have since been more integrated to allow development and growth. Hawaii food and wine festival has also adopted new changes and new trends are being accepted each season. Presently they festival has a new trend of matching wine with food.


Among the major challenges facing wine and food tourism is sustainability. Tourism sustainability is the ability for the products to sustain the environment and other factors. To maintain sustainability and preservation of the environment major frameworks have developed. Economically the industry should come up with economic sustainable programs and ideals that are to ensure a sound wine and food economy. Another challenge is mass tourism. Major tourism events have been sparked with theft, death and other problems brought about by mass tourism. To avoid these kinds of situations, high yield tourist attraction goals should be adopted to ensure safer tourism activities. Social and environmental problems like trade conflicts, pollution and destruction of culture are becoming rampant. A framework of ideals and goals to realize better conflict resolution techniques, reduction of pollution and preservation of culture should be adopted. Hawaii wine and food festival through the Hawaii tourism authority have enacted laws and policies to guide these festivals towards ensuring a sustainable Hawaii tourism, (Hall, 2003)

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In conclusion, there are more other factors that impact the wine and food industry. Political factors also affect the tourism industry. Major governments promote these events because they are avenues of raising public funds in form of taxes and levies and sometimes these events may not be above the required regulations. Hence to avoid such kind political pressure, international tourism quality control and procedures should be adopted. This will ensure that nations stop promoting activities that go against the human morals, values and standards, (Hall, 2003)

The festival tourism has promoted international trade and tourism. Also the festivals have helped promote unity and specific cultures of different people in the world. Hence the festivals are of so much importance to man and we should strive to develop it.



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