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Sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For the global economy to be sustainable, inflation adjusted per capita income should not decline over the indefinite future. Sustainability has become a very important concept that symbolizes that a society that can retain their current use of resources without using up of all resources. In the global economy, sustainability attracts, motivates and retains the best qualified workforce. Today in the international community there is a rising trend among customers in including sustainability into their needs, the global economy is customer driven and hence sustainability is very essential in the global economy. Sustainability is of great importance as it ensures longevity in the global economy at large. From the above, sustainability is crucial in the global economy and every country participating in the international economy should work to ensure that there is a sustainable global economy, (Weeks, 2007).

Triple bottom line means “people, planet and profit” Sustainability has influenced the triple bottom line of fish farming by providing economic. Social and environmental benefits are; firstly, economic profits help businesses to keep up a very competitive market when they are selling sea foods, secondly, people who are involved socially end up benefiting from the resources in a positive way, and this allows markets to have high quality products that will be sold for distribution. Finally, in the spirit of sustainability, the environment and oceans are well protected from contamination and to keep such valuable resources from disappearing.


Consumption is the amount of fish and seafood that is being consumed by human beings, production is the amount of fish and sea food raised in a particular region. Distribution is the amount of fish that fish farmers transport to other sellers.

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The environmental impact of global fish farming on the world’s oceans and aquatic life

Fish farming includes intensive production systems and large scale facilities, mangrove forests and other wetland habitats are being cleared to make way for artificial fish farming. Destruction of mangrove forests have left the surrounding areas to be exposed to flooding and soil erosion, this also has altered the drainage patterns and has greatly increased salt intrusion.

Global fish farming has also led to water pollution, such as heavy concentrations of fish feces, food that the fish did not eat and other organic debris leads to depletion of oxygen.

If farmers were not allowed to do fish farming, wild fish’s population will increase. Increase In fish farming in the recent past has led to Wild fish such as Salmon to be declared an endangered on the early 1990s. Overfishing and changing ocean conditions make the wild fish to be scarce hence a reduction in the production and distribution of fish will increase the population of wild fish.  Fish farming also causes transmission of disease to wild stocks and impacts on marine ecosystem.  There is increased use of wild fish to feed the farmed fish, this in turn reduces the population of wild fish, and hence a reduction in the fish farming will definitely increase the population of wild fish. Fish farming has also led to habitat modification in that mangrove forests are depleted, the mangrove forests serve as nurseries that provide food and shelter to many wild fish. The habitat conversion has led to great loss of marine fish. Rearing of carnivorous fish is not as productive as it uses up all fish proteins and does not produce as much protein as they take up and this will further strain the wild fisheries hence if fish farming is stopped, the population of the wild fish will increase immensely.


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Fish farming has become a widely accepted activity in the United States of America. This is widely because of the increase in demand of sea food by the residents. The disbanding of fish farming comes as a huge relief in that; there will be preservation of wild fisheries that are often depleted when there is intensive fish farming.  Although there is an increase in demand of sea foods, the authorities have not discovered ways to protect customers from food poisoning such as mercury, imported sea food for years has been considered unsafe and the USA have not yet put up stringent rules to oversee the problem .  Fish farming has led to the wild fish being overharvested and hence it being disbanded would be a huge relief to the wild fish.

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