Most Successful and Effective Research


For most successful and effective research, the researchers behind them follow particular selection criteria in order to come up with the appropriate information relating to their research. When you have started your research and have put in a few key words in your internet search engine and various websites pop up, the following criteria as discussed below can be used to evaluate the sites.


This component refers to the goodness and reliability of the source. The information that the site provides should be truthful and unbiased so that the final research does not look like it favors some user groups. It should be able to cover its content areas well enough and provide facts rather than opinions. I would choose this criterion because it would assure me of information that is reliable content wise and in line with the research topic.


The examination of reasonableness involves testing for the objectivity and consistency of the information provided in the site. A good information source should possess a reasonable tone providing arguments for and against the research topic. Moreover, I would choose this criterion since with reasonability; the site will contribute to both current and accurate information relating to the research paper.

 For all websites, the links provided should lead to the appropriate content relating to the research .Majority of the links and its features should be functional, reliable and free from any grammatical and spelling errors. Provided the links to other sites are reliable and of quality, I would settle for this criterion because it would enable the researcher to find more relevant information relating to the research from the links.

Permanence of the site

The testing of the permanence of the site involves examining the consistency with which the site exists. It answers questions such as; if you visit the site over several days, can you always find the same information? Will the information always be freely available? This criterion is relevant too because it would assure the researcher of continuous retrieval of information any time he needs it.


This criterion provides that the author of the content in the site should be legally entitled to it within copyrights and guidelines regarding its use. The author should also be qualified in the subject of the content which apparently should relate to the topic of the research. I would choose this criterion because with it there would be no issues arising against the law regarding the authority to use the information provided in the site.

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In conclusion; trustworthiness, reasonableness, legality, permanence of the site and quality of the links to other sites are the major criteria used in evaluating the credibility of the site that a researcher would use to find information relating to the research topic.

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