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Workforce Education Legislation


USA is one of the united states that have a strong education system across the globe. The  research done by many academic scholars shows that the federal government of USA invest a lot in Education system and play central role in ensuring that funds or resources are equally distributed to various states according to master approval of their education and career plan and other technical issues. The federal government has several education acts but the most appropriate act which is used when awarding funds to different education agencies is based on Perkins acts. For any distribution of this grant some state boards have the right to apply according to set rules and guidelines in the Perkins Act. In this paper we are going to investigate California State and deeply look at its board of education as a state and how the departments of education structure works within the given circle.

Part i- Career and Technical Education

California Department of Education

The main vision of this education department is to provide the best education structure as leading education center worldwide. This is through provision of high and quality standard education services to both children and adults. It has a strong organization system in which it partners with parents, children, education staff officers and other stakeholders. (Wilson, Robin, 2010).


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California education department is made up of difference structures which act as a team in teams of providing quality services. Superintended is a team which its main role is to provide advisory services to California education departments. Other structure includes bullying prevention act of behavior, school report center, school financial aid and health unit were students are taken care of in terms of both physical and mental health.

California Department of Education-Divisions

The state education center has different workforce departments such as,

  • College and career transition
  • Development of children center
  • Framework, resources and curriculum center
  • Professional education division

In California the stage agent that is responsible for running out education departments in terms of awarding funds is CCSSO which means the council of chief state school officers which is responsible providing both primary and secondary education. The council or agency mainly focus only focus on framework education system, proper education and information, effectiveness, accountability and transparent in terms of service delivery.

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The CCSSO is made up of different divisions which perform different roles in ensuring effectives of its activities within the organization as center for better service delivery.

The CTE which is also known as Career and Technical Education is one of division of which are responsible in better service delivery in California State. It provides quality leadership and education or technical support to area districts. Career and technical programs that are provided include,

1 .Education services

2. Health services

3. Technology and industrial issues

4. Consumer and home/Family science.

Some of the division activity provided by CTE includes

Grant approval- This is where assessment is done to prove funds provided by the federal government. Other activities include instructions plan departments which is responsible in providing clear guideline about all programs of the CTE.

Perkins Act State Plan

In the workforce education development, career and sensitive issues which are technical are taken care using the Perkins act which provide various guidelines on how career and technical activities in California State should be handled and provide implementation strategy. Some of Perkins implementation acts include, preparing all American young generation successfully complete both their elementary and postsecondary education as key to employment. Secondary this act supports local communities within USA so that to create clear environment in career improvement, developing both workforce and economic growth leading to effectively development of employment opportunity for students who are completing the secondary and college education. Finally this act enables adult generation access education services without any discrimination.

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Adult Education

Under this act, I support implementation of adult education since it as provided various guidelines on the procedure and strategy to be followed in ensuring that the adults acquire proper education. This act will not only improve the literacy level but will improve the economic and social status of the USA. This act has been amended several times by the federal government so that proper guideline is put in place to cope with modern education changes due to technological changes worldwide. The CCSSO should ensure that the act is correctly implemented for effective education services.

Workforce investment act is used in the states of America to ensure that each and every citizen of the United States of America who is disadvantaged in terms of employment is in a better position to get a job. The act helps the youths and even the old. For instance the youths are helped to either complete the secondary or post secondary education. All adults benefit from the act and more so the specialized programs to them to ensure that they are in a better position to secure a job. The main aim of the act is to increase the employment rate, reduce dependency rate by citizens and later improve the nation’s economy.

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Part ii- Employment and Training

In the state of California the California labor and workforce agency administers the workforce investment funds. The agency is an executive branch agency. With a cumulative budget of $26 billion and 14000 employees, the agency oversees seven major departments. It covers six main areas which include:

  • Activities of economic development
  • Activities of workforce development
  • Tax collection through the EDD
  • California labor law enforcement
  • Appellate functions related to employee benefits.
  • And benefit administration to California citizens.

The goals of the agency are to ensure that the citizens of California have greater access to employment opportunities and also access to employment training programs. The agency also ensures that the California business men and women have a greater chance to excel and shine in the United States of America as well as the entire world. This way the economy of the entire state of California will be at competitive edge in the nation’s economy.

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There are many services and programs provided through the workforce investment act funds. The workforce investment act assist to partner the California department of education, the California workforce investment board and the employment development department to implement the governor’s strategic plan. This happens through the union of the three departments. The workforce investment board provides funds for the youths and adults. The youths are educated through the funds thus the California ministry of education comes in. the adults and the youths are provided with opportunities to attend seminars and training regarding the job opportunities and employment thus the employment development board comes in.

The agency through the WIA fund ensure that the disadvantage group of people in the state are cared for through educating the ones who cannot afford education and taking care of the orphans and the ones from very poor background. This helps reduce poverty rate in the state of California and fosters in economic development in the state. It also ensures that the leadership in public schools is implemented. This is simply to ensure that the relationship with the local workforce investment board and youth councils is maintained. This is also to ensure that, the public schools increasingly participate in the workforce investment act system in the state of California.

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It also helps in conducting analysis of policy and planning of the role of education in workforce development. This assists in ensuring that the already educated secures themselves jobs in the state. It should be noted that the legislation relating to workforce and economic development affects education. This is thus taken with a lot of care and the labor and workforce agency ensures that all the legislation relating to workforce and economic development is taken care of. The agency also assists the education agency in California to relate well with the other agencies in the state and this helps the state address the many youth issues in the state. This helps make the youths contented with the state’s governance having in mind that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. The youths secure themselves jobs as a result of this and the states as well as the nation’s economy grow.

The agency also works with the one-stop career system, the state youth council, schools and youth services providers and they thus increase the access to and use of the one-stop career centers.  The California labor and workforce agency has been of great importance in the state and it has brought about so many positive outcomes in the state.

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The agency has brought about the improvement of coordination and delivery of youth services in local areas through the funding and the good relation between the agency and the other agencies. It has also ensured that the disadvantaged in the state are in a position to secure them a job. Career guidance, and counseling, job training and support services have been enhanced through the agency. As a result, education delivery to the youths has been improved.

There is also the participation in the state’s performance based accountability system which is improving programs and services for the youths. There has also been the development of recommendations on proposed legislation that affects the delivery of the workforce investment services to the youths. It has also resulted to the workforce development stakeholders in understanding public schools reforms effort and how they can contribute to the workforce development goals. The agency also builds capacity to collaborate with workforce development partners and to support high school reform in order to improve the outcomes of the high school students. The funding is done by the governor’s discretionary funds.

The workforce investment act serves the youths aged between 14 years and 21 years. The youths under this age bracket in California are 3.8 million. It should also be noted that the workforce investment act program is administered by the California department of education.



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