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Should Physical Education be Compulsory and is being Fit Important


For the overall development of human beings, it is crucial that a person learns how to participate in physical education that allows him or her to take part in exercises and sports. For this reason, Physical education should be made compulsory in school and other learning institutions. The research that has been done in schools shows that physical education improves fitness and altitude of the students. Nevertheless, many schools are not in a position to implement this due to various constraints. Lack of funds as well as the increased emphasis in learning to up the scores so as to avail the funding by the government; there are quite a number of reasons behind the policy of why the schools do not make physical education to be compulsory.


Physical educations have brought about fitness in human beings. Obesity has been a common problem being faced by numerous people especially as they grow up (Barbieri, 15). This mostly occurs in kids since they are the ones growing. If this is not taken care of in good time, it normally lead to various lifestyle diseases that includes cancer, heart diseases, diabetes among many other types of diseases in the long run. Therefore, when one involves him or herself in various physical activities assist in burning calories leading to loss of fats. If exercise is done on regular bases, muscles are built making the immune system very strong. This exercise also improves the stamina of the kid. There is no doubt that the fitness level of the human body increases, thus keeping the various health conditions and diseases in check.


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Physical education should be made compulsory since it allows one to exercise keeping him or her active and focused. When a student decides to participate in physical activities, he or she becomes attractive and fit. This allows them to boost their self-esteem. After all, everyone is on the race to look his or her best, regardless of the number of years that he has lived on this world. By making the physical education compulsory, students become familiar with so many things in life.

This happens especially when they are taught how to participate in various sports. A student may therefore win or lose a game. This makes him understand that losing or winning a particular game are a part of his life and should therefore embrace either of the situations with grace. When a student gets a chance to participate in a team that plays a particular game, he learns how to cooperate with others that is a great quality that leads to glory and achievement of goals. Likewise, sports teach quite a good number of lessons to students that include life lessons thus helping them to evolve mentally (Butler, 63).

Physical education should be made compulsory, since it teaches students on the importance of health eating during the theoretical classes. They get to realize how some of their favorite’s meals such as cakes, burgers, aerated drinks and pizzas can be harmful. They are also taught that if they do not make good and healthy food choices, they may be prone to so many health problems in future. When the students get equipped with this physical education knowledge, they inculcate healthy and good eating habits, by avoiding fast and high sugar foods. They learn how to replace this high sugar and fast food with healthy food like nuts, fruits and vegetables.

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Physical education classes are vital and should be made compulsory since they lay emphasis that is effective on maintaining hygiene. Physical education holds lessons that teach student on how to maintain cleanliness and be germ-free always. Sex education is also given priority during this teaching. It is taken as part of this curriculum. The positive practices that are taught in physical education, if keenly followed by the students in their lives, will definitely save them from a number of harmful diseases.

Physical education manages stress. Often children, especially in their adolescent years, face different kinds of pressure. They as well experience anxiety and stress. Effective participation in physical activities and education can act as a stress buster for them. The conducted researches have concluded that when a person does some exercise, the cortisol level, which is a stress hormone, become reduced. Moreover, a student who takes some exercises on a daily basis is normally in a position to sleep better. This gives his body enough time to restore. This proves that by having a routine of doing some exercises, a student remains relaxed, stress-free and concentrates more in his studies as well as in other crucial things.

Physical education leads to high level of productivity among students. Research has shown that people who participate in physical activities normally have higher level of energy and are more alert than those who are always living sedentary lifestyles. Due to this reasons, the level of productivity of these people in various life spheres, including the studies that they undertake, improves considerably.

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Physical education also contributes towards things that should be done in order to make a child grow into confident, healthy, intelligent and level headed adult. We can assert that physical education is not an activity that should just be taken for individual growth, but it’s a development program that should be made available to everyone since it’s an improvement of the whole society. Physical education should therefore be a compulsory curriculum in all schools.

It is crucial for the society and schools to make physical education be a compulsory curriculum. If this is not considered, most children may become overweight and obese. This is a very dangerous situation since when a kid become obese or over weighted, he or she normally develop diseases like type 2 diabetes. The over weighted children also tends to become over weighted in their adult life as well. This makes them to be at very high risk of being attacked by heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Normally, there are quite a good number of people already suffering from the disease like diabetes and others that are caused by ignorance of physical education. Nevertheless, with the gradual increased rates over the past few decades it has been proved that genetics are not the only factor that is playing this role. Many are the time that children are eating too much but spending very small amount of time in exercise (Winnick, 33).

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Physical education should be equally important to children just the way other subjects are crucial to them. With that being asserted, Science, Mathematics, History and English should be observed on an equal dimension with physical education. In the current world, children are spending more of their free time in watching television, idle chatting and sitting at a computer to play video games than taking part in sports and other physical activities. Childhood obesity has been claimed to be on the rise and in the real sense, there is a great reason as to why schools should find enough time for physical education and make it compulsory.

To many, physical education may seem as a waste of time when they see it being allocated certain hours in the schools time table. This is not the right perspective to have towards this since we have seen that this unit helps to improve the body development and protect us from various diseases also. We should help the children and the society at large to understand the need to be physically fit. Physical activities such as gong to the gym are very important as we have seen that they help us to be prevented from acquiring chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and colon cancer. Children with low memory should be highly advised to always have time for physical activities, running around or playing with other kids through this , they will gradually have their memories upgraded to synaptic brains.

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Obese children should also be concentrated on so as to save them from suffering from high blood pressure or other heart diseases. By doing so, we will acquire a well fit and flexible community which is protected from many diseases. This will help us fight from the diseases which are deadly and killing many people in the country.

Sex education is also one of the topics discussed in physical education classes. The practices and concepts taught in these modules are used by the students throughout their lives. If these practices are well followed by the students, they will be in a better position to avoid many diseases which are brought about by sex activities. We should ensure that all children go through this lesson and fully understand the concept. So as to reduce the high rates of Hiv /Aids as well as the mortality rate.

Physical education is a combination of various crucial lessons in life. Through attending physical education classes, children are able to be taught different things like how to blow their nose, eating habits and table manners, and many other important related courses (Dewey, 44). With these concepts in life, one is assured of being considered during interview time. Even when one is not confident enough, your good manners of being humble and responsible, will give you an added advantage. For the sake of such times in life, each institution should try to ensure that their students are competent enough when it comes to physical education.

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It has been noted that children who involve themselves in physical activities normally scores higher in academics than those, who do not. They become more alert, a situation that allows them to improve on their health. Physical education in secondary schools is more beneficial to students than to primary children. The students in high schools use physical activities as an outlet that purges out extra energy. It can as well be used in showing one’s peers the kind of physical capabilities that one may be having. With all the benefits that physical educations produces, it is very wrong for schools to ignore gym lessons as one of their daily routine.

Every school should realize the importance of having physical education classes. They should understand the reasons as to why these classes should be made compulsory to all. Physical education should be equally important to them just the way preparing for standardized testing is vital. There is every reason as to why physical education should be a mandatory curriculum. Various schools over the globe should figure out some way that they should use to incorporate healthy lifestyles for their kids if they are not in a position to fit physical education in their budget. These schools should possibly ask for donations from the society or hold auctions for the items and money for physical education program. Children should then be urged to be spending a good amount of time in these programs. This will keep them off the internet and video games. 

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The parents should also make physical education compulsory to their kids. Nevertheless, most parents do not always have time for this. In such a situation, a parent claims to be having a very tight schedule since he or she is working. Others claim to be single parent and therefore they are very busy with their daily activities. They as well do not have enough time for preparing a health meal. All these factors may lead to a loss of interest in physical education that would take a chance and improve them emotionally and physically (Amezdroz, 63). The schools as well as the government are therefore vitally crucial in incorporating and exposing a sense of health and well being if the children are after a health and fulfilling life.

Physical education should be made compulsory, since it teaches students how to keep fit and active as they have fun. Every child should become familiar with it. Some students, especially girls, chose to drop the subject in the schools that makes physical education optional. They say that they are taking most of their time concentrating on their studies. Therefore, parents and teachers should take their time to advise these children how important physical education is and the impact that it has on their health. They should understand that physical education involves many different activities that would help them to get active and fit. They should be urged to do warm ups, take part in modified games and proper sports. These activities are fun and normally give a lot of energy for other activities so that a person will not feel bored, while performing them.

Physically education should be made mandatory in schools, since it teaches student different types of sports that they may find having great talents in. The learning of new games may also inspire several students to achieve particular jobs such as football, basketball, base ball among many more. The subject is doing well in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, thus making each student physically fit. With the subject being made compulsory, the student will get a chance to learn various exercising skills and will therefore be in a position to maintain a lifelong habit of exercising, thus lead a healthy lifestyle after their graduation from schools. They develop a lifestyle that is very healthy from young that is going to see them through to adulthood.

It is also important to make physical education compulsory, since it develops character. Besides ensuring fit and healthy people, it allows students in development of social skills, interpersonal skills, psychomotor and team dynamics (Bailey, 34). For instance, when students play games and sports during their physical education, they are encouraged to develop the fair play spirit in their games thereby modifying and building their character.

Students, who take their studies in the schools that have made physical education compulsory, are exposed to reality, thus do not live in fake environment. Apart from the obvious importance to student’s health, which is plagued these days by video games and junk food, they achieve a lot by overcoming diversity and a health way that helps them to blow off some steam. Nevertheless, physical education classes are not doing excellently in some regions. They do not undertake good physical education classes. Due to the fact that physical education classes have become a daily routine among students, they are spending thirty to forty minutes in two to three days a week playing basketball, which may not improve their health drastically. What is needed by the children is not just playing, but they need a class that normally teach them a good exercise and eating habits that they can use even when they grow up in order to maintain their health.

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Physical education should be made compulsory and schools should hire physical education teachers, who are qualified. These teachers should have the right concept about physical education and should not just be there for a paycheck. Physical education should be in a position to educate kids allowing them to engage themselves in various activities and not just having a calling roll, asking them to make a walk for about 15 minutes and then they can have a chance of sitting down. These teachers should also be very sensitive so that they may know when a teenage is not capable of completing a particular task and may injure him/her due to straining or much stress that might be placed on an individual’s body that is used  to these exercises. If physical education is implemented correctly, an exercise regime that is coupled with nutritious food would promote a health living. Many students would, therefore, lose their weight and, thus, develops a better self image (Frankel, 66).

Nevertheless, some students are against making physical education compulsory. They argue that they are normally forced to participate in physical activities, especially when they are not in the mood. But the question is, if the students are forced to complete about four years of studying English and end up being scientist or mathematicians, why shouldn’t they be forced to complete the same number of years doing physical education, which has more benefits to us overall, whether one is majoring in mathematics or English?

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When physical education is made compulsory, its effects make the students feel confident. This means that their views change, making them to appear great. This allows them to have a good learning time achieving their goals in school by getting good marks. This leads to a good living, since physical activities makes them do well in their life. The ones with healthy bodies are always in a position to do things with a feeling that may make them scared of what other people would say about them and their weight. They are able to face the world without having to worry about what anyone might be thinking about them.


There are a couple of arguments for and against making physical education a compulsory activity. These classes are doing a lot to make a dent in the growing numbers of sedentary and obese youth in our schools. A lot of money and equipment is being set aside by the government in order to facilitate a good number of students to get into shape. A Wellness Lesson that is used to teach the students how to exercise, and  teach them eating habits that should also be included in the physical education classes  for a day (Spencer, 56). One should teach others how to fish, and which will feed them for the rest of their lives. For this reason, those who teach physical education should not give their student a temporary fix, but advice them how they should maintain and keep fit for their entire life. They should ensure that each child participates in these classes so as to save them from the dangers that they may face, if they do not keep fit.



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