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The Use of Animals for Medical Experimentation

In recent years, the animal research has driven the globe to the greatest heights of the medical discovery. This has brought about many discoveries in both veterinary and human drugs. Almost all aspects of the medical discovery were first tested on animals. Thus, millions of people’s lives have been saved from pain and death risks associated with the experiments. Animal experimenters believe that these experiments are beneficial for both man and animals. However, these experiments are not beneficial to any of the group because they waste animals’ lives, especially when the experiments turn out to be a failure. On the other hand, when the experiments are proven effective in animal, they turn out to be dangerous to a human. Consequently, using animals for the medical experimentation provides misleading medical results, which lead to death of patients at times. It is also unethical. Franklin Schaffner’s movie “The Planet of Apes” clearly demonstrates the above assertions.

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The director presents a powerful critique of failure of drugs tested on animals. This movie brings forth an ode to the nature and freedom as the true home for all animals. The movie seeks to answer the question “if an animal experimentation does not fulfill its purpose to benefit both animals and humans, then, what is the use of the experiment? In most cases, experiments involving animals do not only fail, but also many animal specimens usually die during the process (Sharpe, 2008). In the end, the experimenters usually lose the purpose of the experiment. While animals, especially mammals (mostly primates), and man share same origin and kingdom, the two also have a different genetic composition. Therefore, the medical experimentation may be effective on one species but fail on the other. Biologically, the primates and man belong to same family but their genetic composition is not the same. Therefore, the drugs will not exhibit side effects on the primates but will exhibit when a human uses them. Since, the animals (primates) might have some antibodies which are more refined than human antibodies which will make them resist while a man, on the other hand, lacks these antibodies; hence, when the drugs are put on the human trial, they will exhibit some devastating side effects. Sharpe (2008) contends that this explains why 92% of successful animal drugs fail during the human trial. Thus, there is always a misleading result due to this difference, which cost both human and animal life and justifies why the animal medical experimentation should not be conducted.

Additionally, all humans have a right and dignity to live; therefore, all animals have a right to live too. On the contrary, these medical experiments on animals are an unnecessary wastage of life. Many of these experiments have been conducted, and many of them have failed taking lives of the innocent animals.

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This is unnecessary wastage of life. So, if an experiment is going to fail, then, why should the animal experimenters try those experiments? Moreover, if these experiments are going to work, then, the animal experimenters should just try them on humans. Consequently, these experimenters should avoid the unnecessary experiments that cause much pain and the loss of animal lives and demonstrate a true respect for life. Moreover, no matter how many experiments shall be contracted on animals, there is still a need to approve the medicine through the human experiment. Bearing in mind the fact that animals and man react to drugs differently, why should the experimenters carry out these experiments on animals ?

Animal experimentation should be banned because it is some form of cruelty extended to these animals for no proper reason. The experimenters put the innocent animals through mental and physical pain when they cut them while they are still alive to conduct the tests. However, the tested drugs and products do not work. For the following reason, there is no need of putting these animals through much pain and waste their lives. Moreover, some products are specially designed for the human consumption only, and there is no reason to use such products on animals. Citing an example, animals do not need some substances like cosmetics because they are of no use to the animals at all. They are specially designed for the human consumption and testing them on animals with totally different skin textures is of no use. For example, what is the purpose of tasting a body lotion on a monkey? The monkey’s skin texture will react in a totally different way if compared to a human one. Therefore, these products should be directly tested on a man rather than animals (Sharpe, 2008).

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Lastly, these experiments are extremely expensive, yet they do not provide desired or any results at all. The government and the private institutions have been spending millions of dollars on the animal experiments with hopes of finding a solution to the human medical and product safety problems. However, these experiments are of unfruitful results when tested on animals. This means that the resources used to capture and store these animals not forgetting paying the experimenters are wasted. It is for this reason, that the experimenters should stop conducting these experiments on animals. To sum up, the experimenters need to look for the alternative ways and realistic formulas that they are sure of and harmless to both men and animals. They have already killed enough animals and are aware of the destructive chemical formulas; hence, they should use the established chemical experiments to formulate their products. They should also take note of the genetic difference between the animals and humans in conducting their tests.

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