Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is very different from traditional justice because it aims at mending the harm caused by the offence. The restorative justice also aims at rehabilitating the offenders’ behavior so that they may be able to fit in the society. This may involve the repayment of the damage caused after the dialogue between the victim and the offender. This approach offers reconciliation and aims at achieving mutual understanding between the parties involved in the conflict. On the other hand, traditional justice aims at punishing the offender. Traditional justice does not promote reconciliation between the offender and the victim. It disconnects the criminals from the society and treats them differently from the rest (Alrid & Carmel, 2009). It does not offer them the chance to apologize and improve. It therefore, traumatizes the offenders.

The offenders that deserve the restorative justice are the white boy in case A and the college professor in case C. The two offenders share much in common. First they lack much criminal record and second, they are sorry for what they did. Though the two have committed the crimes, they do not deny their responsibility.  The same applies to the boy in case A who caused harm unknowingly unlike the drug addict who knew what she was doing but was unwilling to admit that it was wrong. She still shows no regrets. She does not intend to repair the harm thus she does not deserve restorative justice.

Majority of the public feels that restorative justice does not meet the needs of the victims and the society (Alrid & Carmel, 2009). They think that restorative justice is not fair and only works on the interest of the offenders. However, this is not true because the offenders reconcile with the victims and compensate where possible after they have developed a mutual understanding with them. The community also benefits from the free services offered through the community work.

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