Importance of Organ Donation

All participants, how do you do?  I am Elizabeth Bernal and I am going to address the issue of organ donation.  For many years, thousands of preventable deaths have occurred in America and other parts of the world due to organ failure. These preventable deaths could have been prevented if the affected people could get an organ donor in time. Green (122) argues that almost 55,000 thousand Americans have organ failure. This is just a tip on the ice-burg because millions of such deaths are occurring all over the globe. Most of you would argue that most organ transplants are unsuccessful and therefore, this practice is of no use since many organs from a donor have turned out to be incompatible with the recipient’s system. This should not prevent willing parties from donating because doctors have made greater milestones in establishing medications that make human body accept donated organs apart from being able to carry our successful organ transplants (Dill 78). 

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 To counter this loss of lives, you as citizens need to come out and donate organs to your fellow human beings regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity, and the relationship you have with them. You might not be ready to donate that organ right now, but the good news is that you can donate that organ even when you are dead. Due to advanced technologies, doctors can extract body organs from the dead and preserve them for their purpose. This does not mean that I wish you death so that you donate your organs.  You have relatives and friends who die in accidents or natural death due to terminal illnesses. In case a relative dies, you as the family have the duty of consenting to organ donation on their behalf (Price 109).

Schum (90) is of the opinion that this practice of organ donation is very important because it aims at sustaining future generations in addition to saving that one organ recipient. This practice is also important because it will be a reminder that you helped save a life or some part of your relative is alive and not completely dead.  It is better than burying the dead with their organs intact because they will eventually rot together with these organs, thus, they will be of no use. Donating that organ is very simple. Just consent to it while you are still alive or you can consent to donate your organ after you die. It does not matter whether the body organ is from an old person or a child. Therefore, you should be ready to donate your organs so that you may save other peoples’ lives. I hope you will be able to donate your organs from today.

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