Is there Anything Morally Wrong about Same-Sex Marriages

Philosophers and rationalists (who do not solve phenomena through application of principles of a given system, like Christianity) are in charge of defining morality and solving the issue. Question of whether same-sex marriage is moral or not developed from a conflict between secular advocates of homosexuality and LGTB group and the principles of different religions (Nussbaum, 2010). However, some sects and religious groups have already accepted homosexual marriages; though, other staunch religious members consider same-sex marriage to be an immoral action. The essay will study different points of view on the issue of same-sex marriages.

The Immoral Aspect of Same-Sex Marriages

Opponents of same-sex marriages usually employ evidence from a religious point of view. They also claim that homosexual relationships are against the laws of nature and moral. The activists warn that this type of marriage can influence the birth rates, and consequently annihilate the human kind.

Same-sex marriage is wrong from most religious points of view because it is defying God’s purpose. God purposefully designed marriage for a man and a woman, to consummate their love. Marriage is sacred and the only tool that propagates humanity in orderly natural manner. Marriage provides lifetime companionship that is complete through begetting children. However, it provides an exception for the few who are barren and are unable to bear children (Moon, 2004). Most homosexuals have the physical ability to procreate children, though they do not want to use it. It is far beyond science that a woman cannot make a woman conceive a child, neither a man is able to do the same to another man. Claiming that they will adopt children and undergo insemination is also doubtful. It is questionable why couples should go adopting other people’s children when they have the ability to make their own one; or why they should cheat on their spouses through carrying other people’s children in their uterus. Same-sex marriage defies God’s will. Therefore, same-sex marriage is considered to be immoral.

Same-sex marriage is also immoral because it threatens the future of humanity (Dubler, 2007). Apart from defying God’s aim, same-sex marriage has a potential of threatening the future of humanity. Human existence is only possible through birth. Morality is a question that benefits the entire society while immorality is those factors that cause any loss and pain to society. Therefore, if homosexuality is moral, everybody has right to practice it; and if everybody engages in same-sex marriage, nobody will be able to bear a child. Homosexuality is a new disease that will take time to kill the society silently. It is a new slow terrorism that is going to wipe humanity off the face of the earth. There will be no children born, and there will be no more adoptions possible. The only way out will be through the artificial insemination, through which men will still be unable to conceive and beget children (Moon, 2004). This will mark the end of humanity. Therefore, same-sex marriage is immoral because it is hazardous to the existence of humanity.

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Same-sex marriage is also immoral because it displeases God. It is an abomination in God’s sight. Homosexuals hope that various religions and states shall legalize same-sex marriage. Human laws can always change because it is man’s nature to change and satisfy the desires of their hearts. Therefore, homosexuals hope to seek support and marriage in the Church; though, today, it is immoral according to the faith of some major religions. The reason of why same-sex relationships are considered to be immoral by the churches is that it displeases God. It is not wrong to be tempted, but it is a deadly sin to fall into temptations; therefore, same-sex marriage is immoral in the house of God. Homosexuals should seek other arenas to legalize same-sex marriage because if God is displeased and terms it as an abomination then if you are a disciple of that God you have to do what he wishes.

The Morality behind Same-Sex Marriages

People, who are supporting same-sex marriage, argue that same-sex marriages are moral. They, in turn, employ scientific evidences and results of the latest researches.

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It is moral because some scientific researchers have proven that homosexual practices are not mental disorders. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with same-sex marriages because science has proven that it is normal for people to have affection towards people of the same-sex. Science has also established that same-sex orientation is inborn and is caused by inheritance of genetic predispositions from the parents (opposing the Aristotle’s idea of a man born as an unscribed tablet) and those who practice it do not have any control over what they do. Therefore, it is fair to allow homosexuals marry and share their love. However, other studies show that this research had made the series of errors.

This form of marriage is moral because it is not necessary for one to marry and have children. The church has approved marriage of the barren people who cannot bear children. It is for this same reason that the church should approve same-sex marriage. Moreover, there are artificial ways of insemination, which human can use to have children. Today, there are test-tube created babies who can be implemented into man’s stomachs, using special technology, and born children through Cesarean section. Moreover, there is artificial insemination, which women may use today, to get pregnant apart from adopting children to complete same-sex marriages. The only problem with these methods is the fact that one will not be able to bear a child solely with his/her own partner.

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Lastly, those supporting homosexuality argue that homosexuality is not a sin, and if it were a sin, why God allows these practices. Moreover, those supporting same-sex marriage argue that homosexuality is a gift from God given to a selected group of people. God punished the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah because they were inhospitable not because they were homosexuals. It is because of the reason that God has allowed homosexuality to develop. Therefore, same-sex marriage is moral.

The issue of same-sex marriage is controversial and causes numerous conflicts between opposing groups. People have different points of view on the subject and are constantly proving their rightness and superiority.

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