Art History Response Paper

Art dates back to many decades back. It has been used to convey messages in a non-verbal manner. Throughout history, art has been used in both times of happiness and war. It is used to convey emotions in regards to certain issues. Jean Dubuffet is renowned artist who ventures into art in order to pass on his emotions and create a definition for him on art’s contribution to culture.

Dubuffet is especially concerned about the differences between Occidental culture or Western culture and what he believes in. Particularly, he disagrees with the idea that there are beautiful people or objects and ugly people or objects. He is of the opinion that everyone or everything has a positive contribution in the world. He says that beauty is nowhere. He is firm when he talks about this disagreeable concept of beauty due to the fact that even the western people still disagree on the beautiful objects and the ugly objects.

According to Dubuffet, art is based on the passage of messages through the unwritten messages that it conveys. He is especially concerned about the role of paintings in this kind of communication. He differs with the Occidental culture on the mode of analysis of a piece of art in order to pass on a message. He believes in viewing objects as a whole without dismantling them. He believes that the natural presentation of art creates confidence. This is nothing like the Occidental culture.

Dubuffet’s position on the cultural positions is a reflection of the history following the end of World War II in Europe. This is especially because artists seemed to adapt the modernism methods of presentation. He represents the artists who stuck to the roots of art from many decades before. Dubuffet illustrated how different individuals had their own opinions in regards to how culture affected their artistic style.

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