Whispering Corridors

The article talks widely about ''whispering Corridors'' a series that was celebrating the tenth anniversary since it was started. It is a series that has survived a decade despite there being many horror films and copycats during its peak season which is summer. This was achieved by overcoming immature circumstances and principles for making horror films in Korea .It explains the stories done by the series in the past ten years giving an outline of how each story was perceived by the people commonly known as whispering box.

Whispering corridors was successful in the following films: legend of whispering corridors the film is of horror genre and majors in the unique Korean education system. The story is of mysterious deaths in the school. The murders were associated with a student named Jin-ju who was bullied by her classmates because she was a daughter of a female shaman. This was one of the bestselling   film in the series. The success of the film was due to the ability to identify with the audience. The movie was also well organized. The success of this movie led preceded another called Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Morri. This of three girls; one with a hearing problem, one who interprates strange sounds, and the narrator who eventually learns the relationship between the two girls.

Apparently the movie was not satisfactorily achieved because the homosexuality theme did not fit well for conservative Koreans at the time .The third one was the wishing stars .This one dealt with love of the youths. Wishing stairs is an actual place in the school which has twenty eight steps where one could step up while praying , only to find an extra stair before her granting wish. Box office hit three million admission which was a success, making it the second best performing film in the series. The fourth one was voice. This one had a record of poor performance with about two hundred thousand admissions. The failure was caused by stepping ahead beyond the audience expectation.

In conclusion the whispering Corridor Series so has been successful by accumulating 4.9million admissions in total. It has given a gateway for a number of new faces in the Korean famous directors.

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