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It is interesting to note that the term mainstream values has been and still continues to receive heated debate as to what really constitutes mainstream values. By definition, mainstream values are ordinary the principal values that are set to be followed since they are meant to give a definite direction to the community and/ or they provide the prevailing direction (Wen-xue, Np). According to mainstream values of America, three key examples can be cited.

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a) Social Secularization

The coming of the Puritan to America brought about different changes in values and culture. It is argued in Wen-xue’s 2008 work that the religious front was changed to what is ordinarily termed as justification by grace through faith (Np.). This means that whatever people do, in the name of faith can be justifiable. This is evident especially when considering marital stance where people’s belief and interpretation of marriage as per their interpretation find diverse representation in practice while relying on the same statement. The religious stance has been influenced by many things leading to questioning of the existence and the authenticity of different inclinations to faith. A good example is in the difference in embracing homosexual marriages and heterosexual marriages. Different people in different faiths have different opinions, which is confusing. People believe that the acceptance of homosexuality in faith-based arenas like in church is a contravention of real faith while others do not see where the contravention is coming in.

Initially, it was known that such kinds of applications are not accepted. This initial direction may have a great influence in the thinking of people. This new line of thinking is termed as social secularization, which has a great influence in the daily happenings.

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b) Individual Emancipation

Freedom is good. However, freedom without control can be lethal. It is believed and has always been the belief of many Americans that freedom is not something to debate about. In the history of America, slave trade and racism has been a norm that should be addressed. For example, it has been evident that there have been racial discriminations especially as far as employment is concerned. Take for example, during the campaigns of the now president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, there was an outcry with racial inclinations with even some attempts to kill him. Ideally, people that are deemed to have come from poor and /or very powerful nations are frustrated and this has been a trend that is not about to end any time soon.

American were made to believe that they are superior than any other nation in the world and that people from other nations have lower IQs unlike them. This belief can be found especially in the work places where people like to employ those from their related group. In as much as individual emancipation is deemed a priority, the state still holds the final word as to the extent this should be practiced (Wen-xue, Np.).

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c) Modern ideology

As far as modern ideology is concerned, several issues fall under this category. To begin with, there is the issue of labor which is intended to be modernized leading to a reduction in the human workforce that renders more people jobless (Wen-xue Np.). Secondly, there is the issue of wealth and occupation for which people are supposed to indicate/ declare their wealth and this ought to tally with their income and everything should be inline with the goals that have been set by the nation to be achieved. All the modern ideologies are designed in such a way that they are in line with mainstream thinking as far as the economic policies are concerned.

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